Valvoline vs Mobil 1 (When To Choose What Oil)

Valvoline high mileage 150k with maxlife plus technology


Mobil 1 112980 Synthetic ATF

The battle between Valvoline vs Mobil 1 is rising year-on-year due to their brand reputation, maintaining oil quality, viscosity, and versatility. So, it becomes quite tough for users like you to choose one by ignoring another. 

However, it’s also tough to define their performance for your family car to heavy-duty vehicles without any laboratory test. 

But, laboratory tests are a big job, need large investment, and can’t be done by mass people. In that case, side by side comparison showing their strengths, usabilities, and shortcomings is the ultimate option. 

This post will do that from the users, market share, and company perspectives. Hope you enjoy reading our words and find them valuable to choose your next engine oil.

Valvoline Vs Mobil 1 Comparison Table 

Let’s gist the core differences between the giant engine oils. 

Features ValvolineMobil 1
Oil Types Advanced Full Synthetic, Full Synthetic Advanced Full Synthetic, Full Synthetic 
Engine Types Compatible with Petrol and Diesel, Hybrid, and European enginesCompatible with Gasoline Diesel, Hybrid, and European engines
Approved byILSAC GF-6A, API SN, API SP, GM dexos 1 Gen 3ILSAC GF-6
Viscosity Index158167
Added Detergents Anti-wear ChemicalAnti-aging Technology
Oil breakdown Offer 10X better oil breakdown resistancePrevent oil breakdown by reducing oxidation 
Prevention Extra engine cleaning prevent deposits buildupPreserve engine seal by preventing leaks
Mileage efficiency75k miles even on uneven roads10k miles smooth driving 
Heat resistant40% greater heat and wear resistant Extra heat resistant even for internal engine
Compatible vehicles 2-stroke & 4-stroke engines, motorcycles, heavy-duty vehicles, cars, etc. GDI enginesLatest or modern  passenger cars, ATVs, SUVs and light vans, etc.
Price Cheaper Bit pricey 

Quick Overview Of Valvoline Oil

Valvoline is an ancient engine oil brand that started its journey in 1866. Till now, its market growth rate is higher than many other companies in the USA. 

According to Wikipedia, Valvoline captured 10%, the second largest market share in the USA, providing their service in 1400 locations. 

We won’t just put the statistic as a reference but also let you know that unless Valvoline offers quality engine oils, it’s impossible to broaden its business in this competitive era. 

The main reason behind this reputation and market growth is to offer 40% better protection, preventing sludge formation and boosting fuel economy. 


  • Exceed and meet all vehicle standards
  • Keep the engine oil joints moving with no struggle 
  • Higher oil changing interval, at least 5000 miles
  • Reduce the troubles even on bumpy roads 


  • Sometimes, the bottle is damaged while shipping due to poor packaging 

Quick Overview Of Mobil 1 Oil

Mobil 1 is not that much of an ancient automotive oil supplier, like Valvoline in the market. It started in 1974 by triggering performance, protection, and cleanliness, the three major problems of the engine. 

You must agree that identifying problems is much more challenging than solving them. Here, Mobil 1 researched those points and formulated the most efficient engine oils to fight against these three evil-doers. 

Moreover, they also improve their oils day by day to make them compatible with most modern engines. So you can assure about getting the peak performance from your engine and peace of driving with Mobil 1 oils. 


  • Extend engine life with the new lubricant technology
  • Safeguard your engine between the oil change 
  • Improve oil life with thermal stability to boost fuel economy 
  • Great to use on your Ford, Honda, and General Motors vehicles


  • Taking much time to ship 

A Detail Comparison Between Valvoline Vs Mobil 1

In most cases, the comparison table and a short overview of the oils won’t be enough to prioritize one over another. Here, the detailed discussion will be worthwhile to justify the answer.

1. Versatility

All engines can’t accommodate all kinds of oils. Pouring the wrong oil into your vehicle not reduces its engine performance but also damages it that needs frequent repairs. So, considering all those things, Valvoline and Mobil 1 bring multiple special oils for their users. 

  • Valvoline

No matter what your vehicle is, high mileage to European, hybrid to race, 2-Stroke to 4-Stroke, marine to motorcycle. You can confidently choose Valvoline oils from their wide ranges because various Valvoline oils are available that your unique engine requires. 

  • Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is also not behind in these large categories. You can choose the Mobil 1 oil, from Turbo Diesel to European Car, High Mileage to Extended Performance, whatever your requirements are. 

Winner: Tie

2. Viscosity Grade & Temperature Resistance

The liquidity rate of the engine oil is determined by its viscosity grade. The lower the viscosity, the thinner the oil will be, and the higher, the thicker. 

Engine oil viscosity grade is related to the weather condition and temperature ranges because the thinner oil performs well in cold weather, while the thicker oil is in hot weather. 

  • Valvoline

Weather change is a natural process. So keeping in mind this criteria, Valvoline offers you various viscose oil from 0W-16 to 20W-50. That means you won’t have to think about your weather conditions too much while choosing this oil. 

If your regional temperature is within 320°c in summer and -10°c in winter, you can confidently go with 20W-50 or 0W-20 Valvoline full synthetic oil

  • Mobil 1

From freezing to sweat generating hotter weather, Mobil 1 is for your engine to keep it at its best condition. The honey-looked oil can efficiently cope with all that harsh weather without breaking down or losing its viscose. So you can drive your car as many miles as you need to reach your destination. 

Winner: Tie

3. Mileage Efficiency & Performance Level

How better or worse your engine oil performs in your vehicle is mostly determined by its running mileage. The pouring oil is defined as the better if you can drive your vehicle higher miles than your previous oil. 

  • Valvoline

They claim that their MaxLife Technology engine oil will offer you 150k miles efficiently, whereas the high mileage offers you 75k miles. And it isn’t the gobbledegook. Lots of users find the oil excellent for high mileage performance. But, you must change the oil every 5k miles, the highest 10k miles. 

  • Mobil 1

Mobil 1 engine oils don’t offer you that much mileage efficiency like Valvoline. It offers a maximum of 10k miles running and lasts 20k miles or one year. That means you must change the oil though you haven’t used it if it has passed one year. 

Winner: Valvoline 

4. Protection Against Immature Damage

Protecting your engine from metal-to-metal contact and forming lots of sludge and deposits work as a safety guard. The higher protection will keep your engine working for some extra years.  

  • Valvoline

The Valvoline oil contains anti-frictional and anti-wear agents to ensure the highest lubrication between the metallic components. The better lubrication offers a smooth rotation of the engine equipment and won’t create dirt like sludge. 

  • Mobil 1

On the other hand, Mobil 1 also protects your engine 10X better with the triple action formula. An adequate percentage of cleaning agents and perfect blending will prevent deposit buildup. So less oil contamination means high protection. 

Winner: Mobil 1 

5. Eco-friendly

No matter what oil you use in your engine, its released exhaust emissions greatly impact the environment. It’s true; you can’t 100% avoid air pollution due to burning engine oil. But, by using eco-friendly oil, there is a scope to reduce pollution. And you should keep in mind that while choosing engine oil. 

  • Valvoline

Unfortunately, burning Valvoline engine oil releases more environmental emissions than Mobil 1. The oil’s high mileage efficiency can be the reason. The more miles you use the oil, the older it will be and the more emissions it releases when burning. 

  • Mobil 1

This oil is better for your vehicles because of less environmental impacts. Since you should frequently change the oil for lower mileage efficiency, it won’t be much older. It’s a simple understanding that fresh oil is never as harmful as old oil for your engine and the environment. 

Winner: Mobil 1 

6. Market Share

Though, as a user of any product, it seems nothing special about knowing the market share of your used products. But, if you want to understand the topic in-depth, you must find a great correlation. 

The thumb rule is to flourish a business and own a large market share while it offers quality products that meet users’ needs and won’t break the bank. 

So knowing Valvoline and Mobil 1 brand’s market share will help you to understand their popularity among the people, and also their authenticity. 


In the company overview, we have given you statistics on its market share, which is 10%.

Mobil 1

Mobil 1 market share is around 6%, according to Here, it shows Valvoline owns 36% of the market. That means, from both of the statistics, Valvoline is larger than Mobil 1. 

Winner: Valvoline

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Valvoline vs Mobil 1 : Make Your Decision

Valvoline, or Mobil 1, are both good in their zones. There is no way to announce one is better than another. 

Valvoline will be a good choice for high-mileage cars and trucks. Whereas, for protecting your engine from wear, increasing its fuel economy, and driving smoothly, Mobil 1 is great

However, check your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations before hitting the order button to choose the right one.

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