Royal Purple Vs Valvoline (What Is Good For Your Engine)

Royal Purple 51520 For Jeep Wrangler


Valvoline Full Synthetic SAE 0W-20 For Nishan Titan

Do you face extreme heat, corrosion, oxidation, and sludge in your engine? 

Won’t you get smooth driving and high automobile mileage due to all these impacts?

If so, it’s high time to shift crude conventional to pure synthetic oil to optimize your engine. 

In that case, a true battle between Royal Purple Vs Valvoline raises your confusion about which to pick. 

Undoubtedly, both oils are excellent in their own zone. But knowing the exact benefits will help you overcome your confusion and make the right decision. 

This post highlights their side-by-side comparison to understand which is a good pick for you. So, check out our words to know more. 

Royal Purple Vs Valvoline:  Critical Difference At A Glance

According to independent testing, Royal Purple oil is excellent at increasing around  3% to 5% horsepower and torque compared to other synthetic oils. Higher reduction of friction works behind the scene to improve combustion efficiency. 

Valvoline oil, on the other hand, is safe for most vehicles, irrespective of age and mileage. It increases fuel economy by reducing power loss and oil leakage. 

That’s the primary difference between the Royal Purple and Valvoline oils. However,  let’s have a quick look at their core distinctions. 

Features Royal PurpleValvoline
Oil Types Full SyntheticAdvanced Full Synthetic, Full Synthetic 
Engine Types Gasoline and diesel engines Compatible with Petrol,  Diesel, Hybrid, and European engines
Approved byILSAC API, GF-5 and Dexos 1ILSAC GF-6A,, API SN, API SP, GM dexos 1 Gen 3
Available Viscosity Grade W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-30, 10W-40, 15W-40, 20W-50, SAE 30, SAE 40, and SAE 500W-16, 0W-20, 0W-30, 0W-40, 0W-50, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, 5W-50, 10W-30, 10W-40, 15w-50, 20W-50
Added Detergents Ethanol, Zinc,  Phosphorus as Anti-wear compoundsAnti-wear, antioxidants additives, and extra detergent
Oil breakdown resistance Higher oil breakdown resistance due to less deposits Offer 10X better oil breakdown resistance
Prevention Prevent rust and corrosion Extra engine cleaning prevent deposits buildup
Mileage efficiency25k -75k miles75k miles even on uneven roads
Heat resistantHigh temperature resistance 40% greater heat and wear resistant 
Compatible vehicles Ford-150, Ford Expedition, Hyundai Tucson, BMW 3 Series, Nissan Frontier2 stroke & 4 stroke engines, motorcycles, heavy duty vehicles, cars, etc. GDI engines
Price Expensive Less expensive 

Quick Overview Of Royal Purple Oil

Royal Purple isn’t that much an ancient brand like Valvoline, as it started its journey in 1986. That means it has passed only 37 years. 

Considering its life shelf, it can’t sustain itself in this competitive industry unless it offers quality, efficient, and effective oils to automotive owners. 

It even brings versatile viscose oils keeping in mind users’ needs, such as Extended life, High Mileage, Fuel Injector, etc. 

So when you choose the oil based on your engine needs, it performs well on the roads and offers a smooth driving experience. 


  • Increase around 5% of your engine performance 
  • Incorporate the bone-chilling weather with quick start-ups 
  • Meet and exceed most industry standards 
  • Up to 12,000 miles fuel changing interval


  • Not a good choice for everyday driving due to its high price.

Quick Overview Of Valvoline Oil

Valvoline, the pioneer brand of synthetic oil, started in 1866. It successfully passed 150+ years in this petroleum industry and is still growing its market. 

Vehicle owners, who mostly suffer from lower engine performance, faster oil breakdown, immature engine tears, and sludge formation, find Valvoline the best fit. 

Because the primary promise of this brand is to offer 40% better protection to avoid all of this suffering yet boost engine optimization. 

Apart from that, the affordable price is another reason that attracts you to use Valvoline for your engine.  


  • Anti-wear additives work to reduce friction and damage 
  • Available in various viscosity grades and unique benefits
  • Reach the harder parts of the engine to efficiently lubes the metal
  • Higher fuel economy offers longer mileage efficiency 


  • Not too much eco-friendly, it releases more environmental emissions

A Detail Comparison Between Royal Purple Vs Valvoline

Here you are, looking for more information about the oils, right?

Yes, I can understand your thoughts, like a bestie. Because I compared these two brands, consider myself first from your view, then from the company’s view. 

So, let’s deep dive feature by feature and reveal the secrets of when and why you choose which oil. 

1. Oil Formulation

The oil formulation depends on many aspects. Such as what chemicals it contains, the procedure, what technology is used, which industry standards it follows, etc. As all of those help you define the quality and reliability of the oils to your engine. 

Royal Purple

This oil is formulated with enhanced additive technology to blend ethanol, zinc, and phosphorus as anti-wear additives. After formulation, the oil is tested in many standard industries like ILSAC API and approved by them.

All the chemicals will fight against heat, wear, Low-Speed Pre-Ignition, and many other evil-doers of your engine. Overall, you can’t underestimate Royal Purple oils from any side. 


Valvoline oils are formulated by keeping in mind four mainstream problems (extreme heat, friction, wear, and deposits) of today’s sophisticated engines. Blending the appropriate amount of anti-wear agents makes the oil the real workhorse to protect, prevent, and treat the engine as it needs. 

Getting approval from ILSAC API SP, API SN, and many other petroleum engineering industries proves its quality, flexibility, and versatility. 

2. Weather Conditions 

Weather is the most uncontrollable circumstance that highly impacts your engine and its oil. The more accurately you choose the engine oil based on weather conditions, the better performance you’ll get. So, there is no way of ignoring it.

Royal Purple

Since this oil comes with a lightweight base, it can offer a quick start even in freezing winter. 

On the other hand, you won’t need to worry about your regional sweat-breaking heat in summer for its high operating temperature threshold. 

Here, you should wisely choose the right viscose oils from the list that fits the weather. 


Due to its long journey, Valvoline considers extreme cold and high-heat weather. That’s why the light and liquid base oil can exclusively maintain a balance between too hot and too cold temp. 

If I specify the temperature range, that will be 320°c in summer and -10°c in winter. 

According to your local temp, you can choose lower viscose like 0W-20 for winter and higher viscose like 20W-50 for summer from the Valvoline. 

3. Performance On Roads

From your point of view, you find the oil best, which performs best. And driving smoothly on bumpy roads, higher mileage efficiency, lower fuel cost, and longer engine life are some criteria to define as best performance oil. In this part, we discussed all those things. 

Royal Purple

  • Reduce driving noise because of less pressure on the engine.
  • Increase miles per gallon (MPG) oil consumption. 
  • You can go 25k to 75k miles with this oil. 

Overall, in terms of performance, Royal Purple oil is great. 


  • It offers you 75k to 150k miles efficiency based on the quality of its different oil. 
  • Having anti-wear agents, it’ll prevent metallic engagement and frictional damage. 
  • High-temperature resistance reduces oil evaporation in extremely hot weather.  

So, you must get better performance from Valvoline oil than Royal Purple. 

4. Compatibility 

You must consider many factors to choose your engine oil, especially when you suffer from lower engine performance. Some of them are engine age, design, stroke, vehicle type, and driving frequency. 

Royal Purple

No matter which engine your vehicle has and what kind of vehicle you have. Royal Purple will be compatible with most of them. 

This oil will be a good fit from a 2-stroke engine in motorcycles, chain saws, or outboard motors to 4 stroke engine in cars, trucks, lorries, etc. 

Some mentionable brands compatible with Royal Purple oil are Ford, BMW, Nissan, Hyundai, etc. 


Valvoline won’t lack behind in terms of engine and Vehicle compatible facilities. You can use this oil for your GDI engines, European cars, heavy-duty trucks, light-duty lawnmowers, etc. 

The brands Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, GM, Toyota, Volvo, Nissan, Hyundai, and VW are a good fit to use Valvoline motor oil. 

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Royal Purple Vs. Valvoline : Make Your Decision

It’s not about the rule or fixed, yet it’s all about manufacturer recommendations, logical analysis, and convenience. Even if it’s not a size or brand fits all.  

You should check your engine needs, your ability, and the oil’s availability in your local area. 

Considering all, you can choose Royal Purple for occasional use. But for everyday commuting fuel needs, choose Valvoline.

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