Pennzoil Vs Mobil 1 Vs Valvoline (Who Wins The Ultimate Battle)

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Mobil 1 112980 Synthetic ATF

Pennzoil, Mobil 1, and Valvoline are the top 3 brands who supply automotive oils for over 50 to 100 years. During this time, they have built a strong brand value, trust, and reliability among all vehicle users and experts. 

So, sometimes many regular users fall into a dilemma, what to choose among these three. On the other hand, if you are a novice in this field, you feel you’re in an ocean and have no straw to hold to reach the coast. 

No worries, my friend. Here we’ll walk you through a detailed but feature-by-feature discussion of Pennzoil Vs Mobil 1 Vs Valvoline to highlight their strong and weak points. 

So, you can choose a suitable oil that fits your vehicle’s engine to optimize its peak. Let’s get started.  

Pennzoil Vs Mobil 1 Vs Valvoline Comparison Table 

In most cases, you are favorable to see a comparison between two variables. But, here, we compare 3 variables (brands) that may make it a little bit tedious to understand. 

What if we show you the top-notch differences with a comparison table?  

That’s a good idea, isn’t it?

Here’s the table representing the core value of the oils. 

Features PennzoilMobil 1Valvoline
Types Advanced Full Synthetic, Full Synthetic, Conventional Advanced Full Synthetic Advanced Full Synthetic 
Used for Gasoline enginesGasoline and Diesel engines Petrol and Diesel engines
Viscosity Grade0W-20, 0W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-300W-16, 0W-20, 0W-30  0W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, 15W-500W-16, 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, 20W-50
Temperature Resistance Range -40ºF to 400°F -40ºF to 500°F -14°F to 708°F
Fuel economy 500k miles per year10k miles between oil changes or per year75k miles between oil changes or per year
Approved byILSAC GF-6 and API SPILSAC GF-6ILSAC GF-6A,, API SN, API SP, GM dexos 1 Gen 3
Compatible vehicles Any vehicle from Ford, GM, Chrysler, and Ferrari, etc.Latest or modern  passenger cars, ATVs, SUVs and light vans, etc.2 stoke & 4 stroke engines, motorcycle, heavy duty vehicles, cars, etc. 
Package Style 1 Quart & 5 Quart 1 Quart & 5 Quart 1 Quart & 5 Quart 

That’s the simple point by point differences. But we know this information isn’t enough to choose the oil for your car, SUV, ATV, or light or heavy-duty trucks.  

Just scroll down, and know the overview of all these oils, their pros, and cons. 

Quick Overview Of Pennzoil oil

Pennzoil has been providing multiple categories of Automotive oil since 1913. Which means it has passed its glorious 100 years of the oil industry. During this time, Pennzoil enhanced the oil’s quality to make it compatible with modern engines. 

The oil is formulated with natural gas, following the natural gas-to-liquid formula. Since it is not crude, there is no chance of hurting your engine. 

On top, this oil is designed to use on high-performance-based engines like Ram 6.4 Hemi. You can even drive your car on unpaved or dusty roads like a pro due to its higher volatility control. 


  • Clean engine pistons to increase fuel economy
  • Protect unsurpassed wear that boosts horsepower
  • Prevent low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) to avoid a cold start
  • Right choice for short trips to heavy loads and long driving 


  • Terrible packaging sometimes damages the bottle and leak oils

Quick Overview Of Mobil 1 oil

In 1974, Mobil 1 first introduced its engine oils, focusing on 3 key benefits: performance, protection, and cleanliness. The main reason to focus on these 3 keys is as these are the culprits for lower engine optimization.

Reducing mileage efficiency or performance, damaging metal parts of the engine, and building deposits and sludge to lower fuel economy. Once the oil fights against these three evil-doers, you can get the maximum outputs from your engine. 

Another great feature of this oil is it’s 10k miles interval between the oil change. So you won’t need to face the hassle of frequent oil changing. If you plan a long trip, you can go ahead without worries.  


  • Optimize your engine to perform in its pristine condition
  • Provide 10x better protection to enhance engine life
  • Reduce sludge and deposits formation to ensure oxidation stability
  • High heat resistance makes it a good choice for harsh weather conditions 


  • Sometimes shipping takes more than 3 weeks.

Quick Overview Of Valvoline Oil

Valvoline was the world’s first company that provided petroleum-based lubricant in 1866. That’s why it is considered the American’s first engine oil brand. So you can realize its popularity as it is still one of the top engine oil brands in the USA. 

The main philosophy of formulating this oil is to protect your engine from friction, heat, and deposits. It claims this synthetic oil will offer you around 40% more wear protection than any other engine oil. 

However, you don’t need to trust the company’s claim, yet 20 users highly recommended this oil for your 2006 Toyota corolla, Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6 wk2, 97 Saturn, 2001 GMC Sierra, and other vehicles. These higher positive feedbacks can only offer the unbeatable quality that it advertised.  


  • Exceed or meet most of the vehicle standards 
  • Efficient metallic lubrication offers smooth movement 
  • Incredibly increased oil breakdown resistance, at least 10-times better
  • Protecting early damage ensures longer engine life


  • Sometimes, the bottle has low oil. The correct level is needed 173

A Detail Comparison Among Pennzoil Vs Mobil 1 Vs Valvoline

Already, you know the core benefits and drawbacks of these three oils. Now, we touch on the base differences side by side. 

1. Types of Oil

Since there are various engine oils: conventional, synthetic, synthetic blend, full synthetic, and advanced synthetic. Even one company brings multiple oils to make them special for specific engine types. It’s important to know what types of oils they are. 


Some of the Pennzoil oils are 

  • Pennzoil Platinum
  • Pennzoil Ultra Platinum
  • Pennzoil Platinum Euro
  • Pennzoil Platinum Euro
  • Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage
  • Pennzoil Gold
  • Pennzoil High Mileage
  • Pennzoil Conventional

Reading the name, you can predict that these oils are formulated by keeping one core-specific benefit in mind.  

Here some oils are advanced, fully synthetic, and others are completely conventional. You can choose the oil that fits your vehicle’s recommendation. 

Mobil 1

Like Pennzoil, Mobil 1 also brings different oils with different names. Such as 

  • Mobil 1™ Extended Performance High Mileage 
  • Mobil 1 FS European Car Formula Full Synthetic
  • Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck Full Synthetic
  • Mobil Full Synthetic High Mileage Motor Oil 

That means Mobil 1 keeps the door open to choose oil according to your engine type and needs. 


Engine oil variation race, Valvoline won’t stay behind Pennzoil and Mobil 1. Instead, it brings multiple engine oils focusing on heavy-duty Vehicles, small engines, and racing cars. Such as 

  • Valvoline Full Synthetic Advanced 
  • Valvoline full Synthetic High Mileage With MaxLife Technology 
  • Valvoline Premium Full Synthetic Extended Protection 
  • Valvoline European Vehicle Full Synthetic
  • Valvoline Hybrid Vehicle Full Synthetic etc

These Valvoline oils are worthwhile to choose for Heavy-duty engines. 

  • 4 Stroke Full Synthetic Motorcycle Oil
  • 4-Stroke Motorcycle Oil 
  • 4-Stroke ATV/UTV 
  • 2-Stroke Marine
  • Multi-purpose 2-Stroke 

These five oils are good for small engines. 

  • VR1 Full Synthetic Racing Oil 
  • VR1 Racing Oil 

You can go with Those two oils if you have racing cars. 

2. Viscosity Grade & Temperature Resistance

Knowing the viscosity grade of these three engine oils is the next differential factor. Oil’s viscosity grade plays an essential role in three terms of its functional ability. Such as Heat resistance, easy flowing through the engine’s critical parts, and keeping the liquid clean even after running many miles. 

  • Pennzoil

Pennzoil engine oils are mainly 5 viscose 0W-20, 0W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30, and 10W-30. That indicates the oils are great to use in winter and summer. 

If you use the lower viscose oil, it can resist cold weather up to -40ºF or -40°c. On the other hand, the higher viscose oil can resist up to 400°F or 204°c temp. 

  • Mobil 1

Mobil 1 brings the largest 8 different viscose engine oil to cope with every weather condition. The 0W-16, 0W-20, or 0W-30 grade oils will be excellent for colder climates; in contrast, 10W-30 or 15W-50 will be hot days. 

These oils can resist -40ºc to 260°c temperatures to offer smooth rotation without oil breaking down.  

  • Valvoline

It also includes versatile viscose oils: 0W-16, 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, and 20W-50. The most astonishing thing is Valvoline offers you to use its oil in the winter at -14°f or -10°c or in summer at 608°f or 320°c temp weather conditions. 

If you are living in the coldest cities in the USA (Alaska, Grand Forks, Aberdeen, or Fairbanks) or in the hottest cities (Las Vegas, Houston, Fresno, or Austin). No matter, you can choose Valvoline oils for your engine. 

3. Mileage Efficiency & Performance Level

Nothing can put a smile on your lip than your expected performance from your engine oil. Because the better your oil performs, the higher mileage you can go, the lower your fuel economy, and the longer engine life. 

So, who doesn’t want these 4 benefits from their engine oil? 

Of course, everybody wants. 

  • Pennzoil

Since the Pennzoil motor oils are made from natural gas, that ensures higher purity. These oils offer you around 500k miles or 895k km per year between the oil change. If you consider its 15 years efficiency. 

However, the mileage efficiency may vary based on engine types, your driving skills, roads, and weather conditions. 

  • Mobil 1

Mobil 1 offers you lower mileage efficiency than Pennzoil, which is 10k miles or 16k km. It is enough for you to drive long distances with your heavy-duty vehicles. 

Many users even discover more than 10k miles running with the same oil due to its quality, sharp sheerness, and higher oxidation resistance. 

  • Valvoline

Valvoline offers you the maximum of 75k mileage efficiency. But that is especially for its high mileage oil. On average, it offers you 12k miles, which is still good. 

So, if you love high mileage oil for your car, truck, or van, you can choose Valvoline motor oil. 

4. Protection Against Immature Damage

One of the main jobs of your engine oil is to protect its components from unwanted contact to reduce its early damage. It is only possible when the oil flows fast, reaches every hard-reach area, and lubes the engine system enough for smooth rotation. 

  • Pennzoil

This oil ensures unbeatable of your engine protection by keeping its piston cleaner. As the oil keeps the metal lubricated, they won’t come in contact with each other. 

So the deposits and sludge won’t get any scope to build in the oil, which reduces its effectiveness. This is how Pennzoil oil protects your engine. 

  • Mobil 1

One of the formulas of Mobil 1 triple action formula oils is to protect your engine. Oil’s appropriate active cleaning agents blending helps to clean up all sludge and deposits virtually. Even it can prevent previous oil’s built deposits within just one oil change. It offers you 10X better engine protection. 

  • Valvoline

Preventing wear by at least 40%, deposits at least 25%, and oil breakdown at least 10 times makes the oil champ in terms of engine protection. Superior antioxidants, anti-wear additives, and extra detergents work together to provide this excellent protection. 

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Pennzoil vs Mobil 1 vs Valvoline : Make Your Decision

Knowing your vehicle’s engine is the precondition to choosing the right, compatible, and best engine oil to enjoy your driving with its maximum mileage efficiency. It also boosts the engine’s long life by reducing its immature wear and tear. 

Pennzoil, Mobil 1, and Valvoline are all giant companies in the petroleum oil industry. So it’s too hard to choose one. 

However, according to our research and the company’s claim, we have reached a decision point. 

If your target is organic and pure synthetic oil, Pennzoil will be your good fit. 

On the other hand, if you love high-mileage oil, Mobil 1 can be your cup of tea. 

Or if you are conscious about your engine wear control, no one can beat Valvoline.  

But, the last word will be your engine types, its requirements, and your preference.

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