Top 5 Best Oil for 3.5 EcoBoost in 2024

Are you seeking the best oil for 3.5 Ecoboost engine? 3.5 EcoBoost engines are contemporary vehicle engineering, representing strength, effectiveness, and innovation. The EcoBoost engine series includes a straight-injection gasoline and turbocharged engine, offering superior performance. However, selecting the best oil for 3.5 EcoBoost becomes crucial to achieving its best performance.

3.5 Ecoboost engines are reliable as well as versatile performing vehicle engines. But even a powerful 3.5 Ecoboost engine will fall short if you don’t use the right oil. Your engine can only be damaged by using the incorrect oil. So, which motor oil is best for this engine?

SAE 5W-30 multigrade oils, which have various advantages for your engine, are what the Ford 3.5 Ecoboost OEM suggests using. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the best motor oil available on the market that is suitable for a 3.5 EcoBoost engine. So, keep browsing this article to get the best deal.

Top 5 Best Oil for 3.5 EcoBoost

Product NameOil TypeViscosity GradePrice
Castrol GTX Full Synthetic Motor OilFull Synthetic5W-30Check Price
Motorcraft Synthetic Blend Motor OilSynthetic Blend5W-30Check Price
Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor OilFull Synthetic5W-30Check Price
Havoline High-Mileage Synthetic Blend OilSynthetic Blend5W-20Check Price
Royal Purple Full Synthetic Motor OilFull Synthetic5W-30Check Price

1. Castrol GTX Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol GTX Full Synthetic Motor Oil is the top pick on this list of the best oils for 3.5 Ecoboost. This oil is designed to be feasible, decreasing wear and oil burn-off. It has several advanced features, making it one of the most reliable options for your car. Keep your stress levels low using this oil if you are concerned about losing your sealant.

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It has less phosphorus than other rival lubricants. Instead, it employs unique technologies to lessen pollutants and improve the engine’s efficiency. Purchasing it will make you feel good about contributing to climate change because it is an environmentally beneficial product.

It protects against metal-on-metal friction to improve user experience, lowering wear and extending engine life. It is intended to reduce breakdowns brought on by heat and make easy starts possible in cold conditions. The antioxidants and excellent detergency combat rust and deposits. Its cutting-edge chemicals protect the engine against wear.

Castrol GTX Full Synthetic Motor Oil is a top-tier oil that contains a unique combination of phosphorus that extends the lifespan of the engine’s emissions system. These top-notch features give the engine the best possible wear protection. This premium-quality full synthetic motor oil protects from burning off under extremely hot conditions.

What We Like

It provides maximum protection to the engine

This motor oil reduces engine wear effectively

It provides thermal and oxidation stability

What We Don’t Like

Performance under extreme conditions is not perfect

Why Buy This Oil?

With this Castrol GTX Full Synthetic Motor Oil, you won’t have to worry about your sealing coming loose. This oil is designed to be practical, decreasing wear and oil burn-off. Moreover, this engine oil ensures top-class protection for the engine and enhances the engine’s lifespan.

2. Motorcraft Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Motorcraft Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is another of the best engine oils for 3.5 EcoBoost. It is a synthetic blend that performs better than the majority of fully synthetic ones supplied by various companies. With the incorporated technology working to eliminate friction, you no longer need to worry about wear. This oil also acts as a superhero shield for your engine against LSPI.

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Internal engine components rub against one another as they move. This is where the technology in this oil shines since it prevents friction. Instead, where wear and tear have no place, this oil will carefully envelop your cherished engine. This oil has advanced additives to keep your engine clean and enhance the lifespan of your vehicle engine.

To generate greater horsepower, this oil effectively enhances the engine’s capacity. It is pivotal in achieving heightened performance levels. Additionally, utilizing such high-quality oil significantly reduces the likelihood of corrosion within the engine’s intricate components. This harmonious combination of factors culminates in a notable improvement in fuel economy, contributing to cost savings.

Motorcraft Synthetic Blend Motor oil helps your engine in many ways thanks to its 5W30 viscosity. This oil keeps sludges and wears away while incorporating other very practical properties. With this oil, fuel consumption is remarkably low, making it one of the most exquisite oils for 3.5 EcoBoost.

What We Like

Offers excellent protection against wear and sludges

This motor oil provides exceptional performance

This oil offers excellent fuel economy to save you money

What We Don’t Like

Relatively expensive than other synthetic blend oils

Why Buy This Oil?

Motorcraft Synthetic Blend Motor Oil combines synthetic and conventional base oils, offering improved high-temperature stability and protection. This oil ensures enhanced engine performance and fuel efficiency while guarding against wear and deposits. It’s dependable for maintaining optimal engine health in your 3.5 EcoBoost.

3. Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil is an ideal option for 3.5 Ecoboost. It is a fully synthetic motor oil that is premium in quality as well as offers outstanding performance. This motor oil is suitable for different vehicles, offers reliable performance at different temperature ranges, and comes with different viscosity grades.

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It provides improved protection for hardworking vehicles in harsh environments thanks to its cutting-edge additive technology. In such cars, Valvoline oil is resistant to breaking. As a result, you may rely on this oil and forget about the oil running out. Because the oil complies with API safety standards, it shields your engine against low-speed pre-ignition.

Due to its fully synthetic nature, it performs exceptionally well in harsh weather situations. The housing additives combat sludge, heat, and deposits. Moreover, this oil is appropriate for engines with heavy mileage. Purchasing Valvoline might also reduce the need for pricey repairs due to exhaust system damage. Its cleaning detergents offer outstanding protection.

To keep your engine performing at its best, it is carefully designed to prevent breakdown and offer performance protection. Additionally, it is precisely prepared for the whole engine’s lifespan and will safeguard crucial engine components even in the most trying circumstances. Overall, it is a perfect option for 3.5 Ecoboost that you should consider.

What We Like

It offers exceptional protection against wear and deposit

Offers superior protection under different temperatures

This motor oil provides extraordinary fuel economy

What We Don’t Like

The container cap design is not good and can leak oil

Why Buy This Oil?

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil is the way to go if you are looking for a budget-friendly motor oil for 3.5 EcoBoost. This motor oil protects against wear, friction, heat, and deposits. It also offers exceptional performance under different temperature conditions.

4. Havoline High-Mileage Synthetic Blend Oil

Havoline high-mileage synthetic blend oil is an optimal choice for those seeking exceptional mileage and engine performance. As your engine ages, it requires higher-quality oil to maintain efficiency comparable to that of a new engine. In such instances, Havoline Oil emerges as the ideal selection due to the company’s established reputation for delivering smooth driving experiences.

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As a premium-grade synthetic oil, it offers impressive mileage benefits and embodies the culmination of years of dedicated effort. It can be likened to a rejuvenating elixir for your engine, providing a “fountain of youth” effect. Whether you’re driving a lightweight or heavyweight vehicle, this oil ensures satisfying performance, all without the premium price tag.

However, the oil’s merits extend beyond its mileage capabilities. It comes with a deposit shield technology to produce this full synthetic oil, guaranteeing resilience against deposits and wear. An extra cleansing agent ensures your engine’s cleanliness, promoting optimal functioning. Available in different viscosity grades, the 5W-30 variant is particularly well-suited for F-150 engines, even in cold weather conditions.

Notably, Havoline oil boasts oxidant resistance, effectively curbing wear and reducing deposits in your 3.5 EcoBoost engine. This comprehensive offering underscores the product’s commitment to sustaining engine longevity and efficiency. Overall, this motor oil is an ideal option for 3.5 EcoBoost that you can purchase without any hesitation.

What We Like

Provides improved protection against deposits

This oil keeps the engine from deteriorating

This motor oil effectively minimizes engine noise

What We Don’t Like

This oil is relatively more expensive than others

Why Buy This Oil?

Havoline High-Mileage Synthetic Blend Oil is the best choice for those looking for a high-mileage motor oil. This oil comes with several advanced additives to ensure top-tier protection for your engine. It offers excellent wear protection as well as helps to reduce oil consumption.

5. Royal Purple Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Royal Purple High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil is the last pick on this list of the best oil for 3.5 EcoBoost. It is a top-notch quality motor oil that offers versatile performance and also ensures better engine protection. This oil comes with several cutting-edge additives and advanced features, making it a reliable and popular motor oil option.

No products found.

It provides the finest defense in the most challenging circumstances. This motor oil was created using cutting-edge contemporary technologies. Extreme temperatures are no match for this engine oil. This motor oil may handle any weather condition effectively. Its distinctive formation and advanced protective feature lengthen engine life.

With Royal Purple High-Performance Motor Oil 5W-30, you can cut costs and increase fuel efficiency. It improves fuel efficiency by reducing wear and friction. This oil, which is made for new or late-model cars, is also compatible with ethanol-containing fuels to offer the best possible vehicle protection. Using this oil in light trucks and cars that run on gasoline is safe.

This oil also works well with most conventional and roller-tailed valve trains. When used with a long-lasting oil filter, Royal Purple increases protection against LSPI, improves wear protection, and increases the drain interval. This oil also offers increased vehicle exhaust emissions system protection and greater compatibility with fuels, including ethanol.

What We Like

It ensures advanced protection against wear.

This oil provides excellent protection against LSPI

It has Advanced additives to ensure the best performance

What We Don’t Like

The fuel economy of this oil is not satisfying

Why Buy This Oil?

Royal Purple Full Synthetic Motor Oil is a fantastic option for the 3.5 EcoBoost engine. Its sophisticated composition ensures optimum engine performance by providing excellent protection against wear and heat. The high-quality oil blend improves engine response and fuel economy while also offering exceptional oxidation stability for longer oil life.

How to Choose the Best Oil for 3.5 Ecoboost?

Type Of Oil

You should first consider oil type when choosing the best motor oil for 3.5 EcoBoost. You can find different types of motor oils on the market, but not all types of oils are suitable for this engine. However, you can use a synthetic blend or full synthetic oil.

Synthetic Blend Oil

The Synthetic Blend is a premium motor oil that mixes readily and offers extremely pleasant results due to its high synthetic content. Its chemical composition substantially aids in your ability to deal with the temp issue and function steadily in adverse circumstances. Nevertheless, it comes highly recommended for your engine. It nevertheless has drawbacks that you can’t overlook.

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Full synthetic oil is the most recommended oil for 3.5 EcoBoost. This oil’s excellent molecular composition maximizes lubrication and heat stability while reducing friction and wear. This lessens the strain on your engine and increases its longevity as well as its fuel economy. The complete synthetic oil’s steady viscosity aids the Ecoboost’s precise engineering by providing optimal performance in various temperatures. Additionally, the 3.5 EcoBoost runs at its best while boosting lifespan.

Oil Viscosity Grade

Viscosity plays a key role in selecting a suitable type of oil. This ensures that your engine will function properly regardless of how cold or hot it is. For the 3.5 EcoBoost engine, the recommended viscosity grade is 5W-30. This grade balances cold-start protection and high-temperature stability, which is crucial for your engine’s turbocharged design.

This choice optimizes fuel efficiency, reduces friction, and supports your engine’s performance characteristics. Moreover, you can also go for SAE 5W-20 motor oil for a 3.5 EcoBoost engine. However, you should always consider the manufacturer’s guidelines and local climate conditions to make an informed decision on the most suitable viscosity grade.

Additives and Chemical Stability

Engine oil has additives that lessen oxidation, corrosion, and engine component wear and tear. Additives also aid in the breakdown of sludge and grime deposits. Other components prevent seal degradation, foaming, and corrosion. Pick an oil that includes most or all of these components for the best engine protection and overall performance.

Corrosive gasses generated during ignition or catalytic converter operation (in automobiles) cause the additive package in engine oil to degrade over time. When purchasing a new product, you should prioritize some oils since they have more chemical stability than others.

Temperature Compatibility

The EcoBoost engine is built to operate in extreme temperature and pressure environments; its engine oil must be able to do the same. You should get oil that can keep its viscosity grade over various temperatures and has a high viscosity rating.

Manufacturers had to create engines that could function at greater pressures and temperatures due to the Environmental Protection Agency’s focus on pollution control. Because of these greater temperatures and pressures, engine oil must be resistant to breakdown and keep its viscosity.

Consider your Budget

You should choose an oil based on your budget. If you have enough budget, you can choose a synthetic oil because it offers superior qualities to other oils. Despite having a higher price tag than other oils, they function better and contribute to a longer service life for your car. On the contrary, semi-synthetic oils might still work well for you if you’re strapped for funds.

The FAQs

What is the best oil for a 3.5 EcoBoost engine?

Selecting the best oil for a 3.5 EcoBoost engine is crucial, and a synthetic blend or full synthetic oil with a viscosity of 5W-30 is considered ideal. The synthetic blend or full synthetic formulations offer enhanced thermal stability and reduced breakdown under extreme conditions, ensuring the best protection.

What Is the Oil Capacity of a 3.5 Ecoboost?

3.5 Ecoboost engines have a 6.0 qt or 5.7 L oil capacity. It also contains the oil filter’s capacity. All of the top oils for the 3.5 Ecoboost that I previously suggested are available in 5- and 12-quart sizes. As a result, buying the engine oil bottle in the size you choose is simple.

How Often Should You Replace Oil in the 3.5 Ecoboost?

Different types of engine oil come with different mileage. However, Ford makers advise changing the engine’s oil every 5,000 miles or after six months. Make it a practice to change engine oil when it needs to be changed and to check the state of your oil using a dipstick regularly.

Can I use a higher viscosity oil in my 3.5 EcoBoost engine?

Sticking with the manufacturer-recommended viscosity, usually 5W-30, is best for optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency. Using a higher-viscosity oil may negatively affect engine operation.

Can I use conventional oil in my 3.5 EcoBoost?

For a 3.5 EcoBoost engine, it is advised to use a synthetic blend or full synthetic oil. Under the difficult circumstances of the engine, these oils provide superior heat resistance and protection. In comparison to traditional oil, synthetic alternatives promise improved performance and durability, making them better possibilities.

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