Castrol GTX Ultraclean Vs High Mileage Oil (Who Wins The Battle)

Castrol GTX Ultraclean


Pennzoil High Mileage Conventional 10W-30 Motor Oil

Castrol GTX Ultraclean oil eats away the old sludge and deposits and fights against future buildup to keep the oil clean for a longer time to increase fuel economy.  

On the other hand, Castrol’s high mileage is formulated with maximum mileage efficiency, up to 75k miles. 

That’s the primary difference between those two types of Castrol oils. Apart from that, they both also have many dissimilarities. 

As you are thinking about choosing any one between them for your expensive car. So knowing their every ins and outs is important for your car’s engine well-being and enjoy your driving. 

Comparison Table Between Castrol GTX Ultraclean Vs Castrol High Mileage

Are you running out of time? 

Eager to point out the core differences? 

Here we present the comparison table to show you the differences.

Features Castrol GTX UltracleanCastrol High Mileage 
Types Synthetic blendFull Synthetic
Used for Gasoline Petrol and Diesel enginesgasoline and diesel engines
Viscosity Grade0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40, 20W-505W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, 5W-50, 10W-30, 10W-40, 20W-50.
Preferable weather WinterSummer
High-temperature Resistance Thinner, so not high heat resistance Thicker, so offer 10X better high-temperature resistance 
Fuel economy Higher  Average 
Compatible vehicles Ford F-150, F-250, BMW, Mercedes, Honda CRV, Toyota, Corolla,  and other SUVs, ATVs, and Truck,BMW, Nissan, Ford, and  other passenger vehicles, and automobiles

Quick Overview Of Castrol GTX Ultraclean

The Ultraclean synthetic blend oil from Castrol edge is not only a name of oil but also a name of the trust to extend your engine lifespan with its 45% better protection against deposits and sludge formation. 

So no matter what vehicles you have, you can confidently rely on this oil to optimize the engine according to your desire. 

Many authentic users of this oil said that once they feed it to their vehicles. After that, the thermal breakdown of the oil is dramatically reduced, which enhances the oil’s potential to drive some extra miles. One user drove his 1998 Toyota Camry up to 126,000 miles with its 5W-30 viscose oil. 

Moreover, Castrol brings its GTX Ultraclean oil in multiple viscosity grades. You won’t face challenges choosing the oil that aligns with your local weather conditions. 


  • Perfect choice for older engines to recover their previous sludge
  • Ensure at least 1.4x better sludge protection
  • Offer more gas mileage due to its ultra-low friction
  • Oil remains fresh and clean even after running many mileage

Quick Overview Of Castrol High Mileage

Castrol High Mileage is the right choice for those looking for high-mileage engine oil for their car workhorse. This oil is formulated following Fluid Titanium Technology to make it stronger to provide the engine’s peak performance. 

Though the company itself claims 75K Miles efficiency, the twist is users found it stronger even going 200,000 miles. And that amazes them and is worth its name. 

Besides mileage efficiency, it is also excellent in protecting your engine from metal-to-metal contact to avoid rubbing. So you can drive quietly and smoothly all the time. 

It is an allrounder to prevent sludge and deposit buildup, maintaining thermal and oxidation stability. Overall, you will be satisfied with this oil’s performance. 


  • Ensure maximum mileage efficiency with lower emission
  • Incredibly protect the engine against frictional damage
  • High-temperature resistance to use in hot weather
  • Affordable price than GTX Ultraclean 

A Detail Comparison Between Castrol GTX Ultraclean Vs Castrol High Mileage

So, it’s time to check the details, especially feature by feature comparison. It’ll help you to understand in which sector they mainly differ. 

1. Viscosity Grade

Viscosity means the liquidity rate of the oils, but from a white eye, you can’t understand anything. All viscose oil seems to you the same, whereas it affects your engine a lot. So let’s discuss it first. 

  • Castrol GTX Ultraclean

This oil comes with 6 different viscose oils from 0W-20 to 20W-50. That means it works better for colder climates where the engine struggles with freezing. In that case, the thinner oil will comfortably bypass the engine’s critical parts to ensure better lubrication. 

So, the chance of a cold starting or lack of lubrication problem will be lower than average. That’s why, if you live in an area of -40°C to +40°C, you can go with Castrol GTX Ultraclean oil. 

  • Castrol High Mileage

The warmer the weather, the thicker oil is better. The High Mileage oil’s viscosities are 7 different points which start from 5W-20 and end at 20W-50. So it is good for the region where temperature lies between -30°C to +40°C. 

You can choose high mileage oil for the moderate cold to warmer climates to boost your engine performance. 

2. Performance Level

The next considerable criterion of choosing an oil is to check the performance level. The more performance your oil, the better your engine will be, and the more satisfying driving you get. 

  • Castrol GTX Ultraclean

Though this oil won’t be designed to perform in harsh weather, it works excellently in lower to moderately high temperatures. Under that climate, it keeps the oil clean with the TriShield technology, reducing oil breakdown due to sludge buildup. 

  • Castrol High Mileage

This oil is designed for vehicles that require high mileage oil to ensure optimal performance even under tough weather. The strong titanium technology of the oil makes it stronger to offer 75k+ mileage efficiency. 

3. Protection Against Immature Damage

No matter what oil you use, that has to protect your engine from heat, sludge, and oxidation. Otherwise, the engine will weaken within a few years, and you need to repair it.

  • Castrol GTX Ultraclean

The main benefits of using this oil are its Ultraclean and superior protection ability to avoid premature engine wear and tear. GTX Ultraclean comes with exceptional oil 

cleaning properties. 

It works to prevent forming and storing metal deposits on the engine catalytic converter. So the oil stays clean, and the engine remains healthy once you feed it to your reservoir. 

  • Castrol High Mileage

The oil includes multiple additional additives (molybdenum, phosphorus, boron, and zinc) to prevent metallic components from contact. Even the oil’s phosphorus replacement technology helps reduce phosphorus buildup to lower emission release. 

Its Extra Fluid Titanium Technology will enhance the oil’s film strength to mitigate oil breakdown. Overall, this oil ensures top-notch protection of your engine to boost its long life expectancy. 

4. Compatible Vehicles

In most cases, you have one or two specific vehicles. So, you should know what vehicles these oils are suitable for. 

  • Castrol GTX Ultraclean

The Castrol GTX Ultraclean is approved by many authorities and exceeds many standards. So, you can use it for your ATV, UTV, pick-up, light-duty or heavy-duty trucks, lawnmower, bikes, and other Gasoline powered vehicles. 

  • Castrol High Mileage

Some of the highest mileage vehicles are BMW 7 Series, Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder, Maruti Suzuki Celerio, Mercedes-Benz 300SDL, etc. You can use the Castrol high mileage full synthetic oil for these and other 4-wheel vehicles. 

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Can high mileage oil damage an engine?

No, using high mileage oil won’t damage your engine, instead prevent leaks from offering potential performance

How often to change Castrol GTX high mileage oil?

It’s recommended to change Castrol GTX high mileage oil every 3000 miles or  5000 km, depending on running. In the time frame, that could be every 3 months. Follow anyone that comes first. 

What To Choose Castrol GTX Ultraclean Vs High Mileage

Now, it’s time to decide what to choose between them. Castrol is a popular and reliable brand, so there is no confusion about the oil quality. 

Firstly, you must focus on the oil that matches manufacturer recommendations, or your needs, won’t break your bank, and performs well in harsh weather conditions. 

If your requirement is keeping your oil clean for longer, go with Castrol GTX Ultraclean oil. 

Castrol High Mileage, on the opposite side, will be worthwhile for getting top-notch mileage efficiency from the engine without damaging it. 

Whatever oil you choose, wish you safe and happy driving.

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