5 Best Oil For ATV With Wet Clutch To Reduce Grinding Damage 

Lucas 10720 Engine Oil - Best For Budget

Statistics showed that 8.11% of youth from 18-29 years and 11.85% of adults from 30-49 years have their own ATV in the USA. But most of them won’t have any knowledge about petrochemical engineering.

So choosing the right oil to lubricate their ATV clutch and engine is a tough job for them. Since the long-lasting and high-mileage running of your bikes depends on oil performance, you have to choose the best oil for ATV with wet clutch.

This post will tell you about the 5 best 4-stroke ATV oils after researching their quality, viscosity, lubricating period, and price. So you can rely on us to pick the right oil for your motorized vehicles.   

Why Should You Choose The Right Oil For Your ATV? 

There are a lot of benefits of using the quality and right motor oil for your wet clutch ATV. Such as 

  • If you use the right oil recommended for your engine or suit, it can properly lube your clutch. As a result, the clutch won’t get in direct touch with the other parts of your vehicle. So it won’t get any chance of grinding and being fragile. This means it’ll last longer and save your repairing cost. 
  • Enjoying the high performance of your ATV engine is another consequence of using the best ATV oil. 
  • Engine overheating is one of the common problems for most ATV owners. But, as long as you use the right oil for your wet clutch ATV, luckily, you won’t face this problem shortly. That means it’ll improve your engine performance, durability, and lifespan. 

The engine won’t create a wired noise when it runs miles after miles because of having the right food in its stomach. Jokes apart, right oil! 

Best Oil For ATV With Wet Clutch Comparison Table

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Best Oil For ATV With Wet Clutch Reviews 

1. Honda Pro GN4 Motor Oil – Best For Overall

Considering the quality, positive reviews of authentic users, and price, we keep Honda Pro GN4 Motor Oil at the top of our list. Honda has been a renowned brand in the motorcycle oil industry since 1975. Till now, it has supplied the highest-quality oil at reasonable prices. 

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Its petrochemical engineers have introduced the GN4 Motor oil with excellent viscosity stability and better shear resistance.

So this oil can remove stress from your ATV clutch by keeping it lubricated when it rotates. So the clutch will be rust-free for many years, that’s great to ensure high performance from your ATV. 

The Honda is a 10w40 full synthetic ATV oil designed for a summer-based region. So you can confidently use it where the temperature ranges from 10°f to 40°f. 

What We Like

  • One gallon of Honda Pro GN4 Motor Oil will run 50 miles
  • Offer solid performance to keep engine and transmission lubed
  • Economic solution than repairing clutch and engine 
  • It works excellent against dust, dirt, water, and heat
  • Easy to clean the mess that it leaves behind the machine

What We Don’t Like 

  • Packaging needs improvement while shipping to prevent leaking the gallon

Whom It Is Best For 

The Pro Honda GN4 is the best synthetic ATV oil for 4-stroke scooters, ATVs, and motorcycles for light-duty usage.

2. YamaLube All Purpose 4 Stroke Oil – Best For All Purpose 

Our next pick is the YamaLube All Purpose 4 Stroke Oil. Like its name, it is suitable for all types of motorized vehicles, including ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, street-cruiser and street-touring motorcycles.

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It will keep your vehicle’s clutch wet, help to move it freely and improve its strength from lower heat temps. So the clutch won’t be affected frequently due to repeated grinding with the other parts. That means the oil prevents your engine from being fragile and seized to rust and corrosion.

As the oil meets JASO MA requirements, you can rely on it for your vehicle’s best match to get efficient clutch performance. However, we can assure you that once you drain out all your ATV’s old black muck and pour this oil, your engine will love it how you like juice on a hot day. 

What We Like 

  • Excellent performance for break-in period motorcycle 
  • Ensure proper lubrication for your wet clutch
  • Enhance engine lifespan with no wear and tear 
  • Exceeds JASO MA requirements, that shows its authenticity 
  • 10w-40 viscosity offers maximum results during summer

What We Don’t Like 

  • The 10W viscosity is not good to use in a cold climate.

Whom It Is Best For 

We recommend this oil for guys who have dirt bikes like Vader 125cc (Grom Clone), utility, and all-terrain vehicles. 

3. Lucas 10720 Engine Oil – Best For Budget

Lucas is another popular engine oil among bikers because of its quality, high performance, and relatively reasonable price. The oil meets most of the ATV manufacturing company’s requirements.

So when you use the oil in your ATV, it makes less noise and runs smoothly. On top-notch, as it also meets JASO specifications, there is no chance to deny its quality. 

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Keeping the clutch lubricated, and reducing engine overheating, are two major concerns for most ATV owners. However, once you choose the Lucas SAE 10W-40 ATV Engine Oil, forget your past hazardous experiences.

It reduces engine temperature operation and metal-on-metal wear and ensures excellent thermal stability. That means the oil adds some extra years to your engine lifespan.  

What We Like 

  • This oil performs well for high temp but slow-moving air cooled engine 
  • Once it gets into the power range, it delivers more power 
  • It makes the ATV’s wet clutch wear and tear-resistant
  • You can run 50 miles with the oil, so less oil drains interval

What We Don’t Like 

  • Sometimes the bottle may leak some oil around the cap unless it is tightened well when storing

Whom It Is Best For 

It is recommended for people looking for high-performing engine oil for their wet clutch ATV, motorcycle, dirt bike, and 4 Stroke air-cooled engine. 

4. Kawasaki ATV/UTV Engine Oil – Best For Superior Protection

If you want the maximum lubrication for your wet clutch and engine, you can choose Kawasaki Engine Oil. The oil’s 10w40 viscosity will offer the best protection for your clutch from oxidation. Moreover, it will fit different temperatures and weather conditions in different vehicles. 

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Besides lubricating your clutch, it also fights against dust, debris, and water, which are the main reasons for corrosion. On top of that, it prevents any deposit formation on the oil tank. 

Ultimately, you can enjoy smooth riding, less noise, fewer vibrations and get the best output from your ATV and UTV year after year with regular use of this oil. 

What We Like 

  • Ensure superior performance in most weather conditions
  • It offers the highest protection for clutch frictional damage 
  • Increase your clutch and engine anti-wear properties
  • It comes in a gallon with good volume to avoid frequently buying hassle 

What We Don’t Like 

  • Some users find it pricy than other engine oils

Whom It Is Best For 

Since the Kawasaki engine oil is formulated to use most weather and temperature conditions, people with scooters, street, dirt, off-road bikes, and other motorized vehicles can use it for their vehicles. 

5. Lucas Semi Synthetic Motorcycle Oil  – Best For Film Strength

Do you prefer semi-synthetic oil over synthetic oil? If so, we recommend the Lucas 10W-40 Semi Synthetic Oil for your ATV. The petroleum engineers of this oil designed it for both wet clutch and engine to ensure the highest protection from friction and corrosion. 

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It meets most ATVs and 4-stroke motorcycles ACEA A3 and JASO MA/MA2 requirements. This means it can provide excellent film strength, fight against fuel dilution, and lower oil temperature range. As a result, you can enjoy a longer engine and oil life

The 1 Gallon container of this oil will last many days to run your ATV at higher mileage than other oils. And this time, it won’t lose its quality or viscosity due to repeated burning. 

What We Like 

  • High quality and viscosity are prime features to fit your ATV 
  • It is the right choice to use in any weather conditions 
  • Improve engine performance by keeping the clutch wet
  • Economic price tag to other oils

What We Don’t Like 

  • We find no drawback

Whom It Is Best For 

The Lucas Semi-Synthetic Oil provides the best protection for your clutch to prevent frictional and rusty damage. So it can be a good choice for all the ATV and scooter owners for their machines. 

How To Buy The Best Oil For An ATV With Wet Clutch? (A Perfect Buying guide)

When there are a lot of oil brands that bring different quality and viscosity engine oil to the market, it’s quite natural to be confused about picking the right oil for your ATV. 

If you are a novice biker, the confusion reaches its highest position because you have an emotional attachment and can’t take anything wrong with your bike. 

So it’s wise to have a clear idea about choosing the right oil for your wet clutch ATV to keep in the safe zone. 

Weather conditions 

You have to keep in mind the weather conditions where you live and where you ride the ATV, as the weather condition will play a vital role in the engine oil. If you live in an area whose overall temperature is less than 40°f, you should choose SAE 10W40 standards oil. 

On the other hand, if your regular regional temperature is more than 80°f. Then, it’s recommended to choose SAE 60 H-D oil. 

However, you can choose SAE 20W50 synthetic oil for all weather conditions


If the oil meets JASO MA or any other certificate requirements, that means the oil is authentic. So you can trust the brand, its quality, and its lubricating power.  


You should choose an oil that will provide maximum performance at least 50 miles with one gallon of oil. Otherwise, you may have to refill the tank for a long tour, which is absolutely unpleasant. 

Volume and Price

Different brands of oil come with different fluids volumes and different prices. So before choosing an engine oil, you should compare the oil’s price considering its volume. Because if oil comes in vast volumes in the container, its price will obviously be higher than low volume oil containers. 


What oil is safe for wet clutch?

The oil, designed with extreme pressure additives or no friction modifiers, is the safest oil for wet clutch. 

Do I need wet clutch oil?

Basically, a clutch’s job is to transform power from the ATV’s engine to the transmission by using friction. And the oil’s job is to make the clutch slippery to prevent frictional damage. So you must need oil for the wet clutch to lubricate it to get better functionality from the clutch and engine.  

Will synthetic oil cause motorcycle clutch slip?

Yes, the synthetic oil makes the motorcycle clutch slippery even under load by eventually glazing the clutch plates. You should change the clutch plates if it becomes slippery. But, for gasoline service it is used. 

Can oil ruin a clutch?

Yes, oil can ruin an organic type clutch by using poor quality or the wrong oil. 

How long does a wet clutch last?

There is no specific time for your wet clutch longevity as it depends on many variables. The clutch will last longer for efficient driving. But aggressive driving will damage faster because of high heat and friction. However, normally a wet clutch will last approximately 20k to 40k km. After that, you should change the clutch. 

How can I make my wet clutch last longer?

If you maintain some basic rules, you can hopefully prolong your wet clutch life. Such as

  • Use the right oil that suits your motorcycle
  • Efficiently ride the bike at a moderate speed
  • Don’t use the clutch unnecessarily to avoid wear and tear
  • Try to keep the engine cooler 
  • Accelerate slowly


After reading this article, hopefully, you can choose the best oil for ATV with wet clutch.  All our listed oils provide the best protection for your wet clutch damage. But, if you would like to get our suggestion, you should choose Honda oil from Honda Pro GN4. As for oil formula, viscosity, high mileage, and price, it’s the best among them all.

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