5 Best Oil For Honda Lawn Mower To Keep It Healthy 

Honda Fluid 08200-9008

Do you want to bring an aesthetic and appealing outlook to your lawn? Nothing but a lawn mower is a handy tool to serve your purpose. Here the Honda lawn mower has won its users’ hearts by offering reliable performance. 

But it requires using the right oil and proper oil changing interval to keep it reliable for longer. Since honda used gasoline engines for its lawn mower, you have to use the motor oil according to the company requirements.  

Here, we describe the 5 best oil for Honda lawn mowers that suit your mower engine and prevent its early damage due to rust and crust. Let’s have a look at what they are

Best Oil For Honda Lawn Mower Comparison Table

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Best Oil For Honda Lawn Mower Review 

1. Honda ATF-DW1 Automatic Transmission Fluid – Best For Overall 

What can be more reliable and authentic than choosing a fluid from  the (OEM) original equipment manufacturer? Absolutely, nothing. Yes, for this reason, our first pick is automatic transmission fluid from the Honda brand for your Honda lawn mower

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This oil will make the engine’s internal parts slippery, smooth transmission rotation, protect against heat, rust, corrosion, moisture, prevent building deposits and sludge. That means once you use this oil, overall, you’ll get outstanding performance from your engine.

Apart from all those, you will be satisfied with the engine’s top performance, which is around 30000 miles per oil interval. As long as you can ensure potential performance from the engine, it’ll promote less fuel consumption and maximum fuel economy. That is excellent to save your hard-earned cash!

The one-quart size, easy pouring container, and budget-friendly price are also appreciated. Some lawn mower owners think all those features aren’t as important as engine protection and performance. But they are wrong because the small size and simple pouring container will help to change the oil without making the space messy.  

What We Like

  • Exceed quality standards for Honda motorized vehicles 
  • Ensure smooth shifting at high and low temp
  • Provide low oxidation for longer oil changing interval
  • Offer seals, O-rings, and engine protection 

What We Don’t Like

  • The oil container arrived with a mess, shipping needs improvement to avoid this. 


You must choose the Honda Automatic Transmission Fluid for your lawn mower as an OEM oil. You can’t ignore this oil in fast flowing, temperature handling, protection, and performance.

2. Briggs & Stratton SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil – Best For Budget 

When you struggle with your Honda lawn mower engine oil due to cutting lubricity and increasing wear, we recommend using Briggs & Stratton SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil. 

Don’t predict, my friend, that we recommend it because we have to recommend one. No, no, my friend. 

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The first and foremost reason for its recommendation is that the oil is suitable for almost every lawn mower, tractor, motorcycle, ATV, or UTV that needs synthetic 5W-30 oil. Moreover, its smooth lubrication will prevent oil breakdown and keep your engine healthy for a longer time, though you run the mower in severe operating conditions. 

It is only possible due to the oil’s superior metal-to-metal friction-fighting additional detergents that are added to its formation process. On top of that, better thermal and shear stability, excellent viscosity response under a wide range of (-30ºC to 40ºC) temperature, and reduced engine failure are the top reasons to suggest this oil. 

Since the oil can perform under different weather conditions, the oil consumption will be lower than most other engine oils. Less oil consumption also promotes less emission and engine durability. 

What We Like

  • Meets API and 4-cycle engines standards 
  • Lower oil volatility in harsh weather conditions 
  • Superior film strength ensures the highest protection for the longest time
  • The container has stripes to notice inside oil level 

What We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes oil leaks for poor packaging 


To enjoy trouble-free operation and keep your Honda lawn mower engine in good condition, Briggs & Stratton can be the right choice. 

3. Honda 08207-10W30 Motor Oil With Kit – Best For Complete Package 

If you need everything to tune up your Honda lawn mower, then nothing but a complete package of Honda 08207-10W30 engine oil and kit is the perfect match for you. It comes with one quart (32 ounces) of 10W30 fluid, a spark plug, and an air filter. So that you can effortlessly change the oil when required. 

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Poor lubrication, friction between the engine’s internal parts, getting stressed due to harsh weather conditions, building deposits, and particles are the culprits that will reduce your engine performance and durability. Honda knows all those things, and by considering these, it formulated its genuine 10W30 engine oil. 

Instant oil flowing to the engine’s components when you start the engine will ensure smooth lubrication and prevent wear and tear due to metallic friction. You can use this oil in both summer and winter seasons, as its 10W30 viscosity can handle -30°C (-22°F) to 35°C (95°F) temperature ranges. So there is no need to change the oil considering the weather conditions. 

Moreover, there is no chance of oil breakdown for longer running, as the oil won’t be thinner. So the oil will optimize your engine from all sectors to offer the best performance. You can undoubtedly trust the oil for your lawn mower. 

What We Like

  • The OEM formulated oil ensures better quality
  • It comes in a package instead of only engine oil 
  • Ensure superior protection, prevention, and performance 
  • The price is relatively affordable considering its package 

What We Don’t Like

  • We find no cons


The Honda 08207-10W30 Kit is excellent for easily changing the Honda lawn mower oil to use more time for mowing and less time for mower maintenance. It’s great to make your life easy.

4. Kohler PK2 Command 10W-30 Engine Oil – Best For Quality 

The Kohler PK2 Command 10W-30 Engine Oil is enriched with ZDDP (zinc/phosphate) contents. Because of these ingredients, you can run your Honda lawn mower flawlessly with this oil. The universal 10W-30 synthetic blend oil supports all small engine vehicles, older engines, and many more. 

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The oil ensures the excellent flowing to the engine’s every part to protect against heat and humidity that can increase your engine frictional engagement. The machine can perform better even in harsh weather when poor oil breaks down and creates sludge and deposits. 

Since the oil stays clean after longer running, it dramatically increases shear stability, longer oil changing interval, and fuel economy. Consequently, better fuel economy decreases emissions and air pollution. Which indirectly helps to keep our world pollution free and green, that you dream for, and cultivate plants on your lawn.  

Lastly, the oil container is easy to grab and pour into your mower reservoir. You can complete the oil changing task within a few minutes, making no mess and grease to the surrounding.   

What We Like

  • Right choice for a small and portable engine 
  • Lower particles buildup to prevent rust and corrosion 
  • Excellent protection against wear and tear
  • Prolong engine life with peak performance 

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s a little bit expensive


The oil has an advanced formula with zinc and phosphorus. So you can use this oil to keep the engine a long-run performer protecting it from all rough and challenging conditions. 

5. Delo 400 SAE 30 Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil – Best For Older Engines 

Do you think we forget you as your Honda lawn mower gets older? No, we value all our readers. You need a gasoline or diesel engine that will suit your old mower engine instead of synthetic or synthetic blend oil. That’s why considering your requirements; we keep Delo 400 SAE 30 Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil on our list for your convenience. 

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The oil is formulated following advanced additive technology that helps you maintain complete control over your engine to reduce building sludge and deposits. The lower oil impurities boost the engine’s maximum performance with minimum oil consumption. Even the oil changing overhaul intervals will be longer than usual. 

The oil will smoothly lube all the engine components, especially the piston ring belt area, to protect them from wear and tear damage. Less engine damage will promote longer life, even for the older ones. 

But, one thing the oil comes in a bulk volume, 640 Fluid Ounces pail. So you have to buy an oil filler separately to change the oil. Though you have to invest more to get the oil, you can use it for several months without frequent oil purchasing hassle. 

What We Like

  • Quality diesel oil and right choice for older mower engines 
  • Formulated with higher additives to prevent sludge formation
  • Incredible oxidation and thermal stability ensure fuel efficiency
  • Offer engine optimization and durability 

What We Don’t Like

  • Bulk volume and pricy 


Choose Delo Diesel oil for your old mower engine to optimize and perform better with less noise. After running the mower many miles, the oil stays clean, which ensures lower emissions. 

How To Choose The Best Oil For Honda Lawn Mower Engines (Buying Guide) 

You may think choosing a random engine oil is enough to use for your Honda lawn mower. But, that’s not wise thinking, as your engine’s performance, protection, and durability depend on the motor oil you use. So it’s a must job to emphasize the importance of picking the right oil for your Honda mower. 

But, it’s challenging to find the right oil from the market without proper knowledge about engine oil. We would like to discuss some factors that you should consider when choosing the honda lawn mower engine oil. This guide will help you to enrich your engine oil knowledge. 

Honda Recommendations

You should read your lawn mower user manual to know what oil it recommends for its engine. As per our research, Honda recommends using 10W-30 and SAE 30 oil in its lawn mower. Because in most cases, this lawn mower isn’t used under sub-zero temperatures. 

You shouldn’t use SAE 10, 20, 40, or 50 ranges of oil. According to the engine requirements, SAE 10 and 20 can’t provide enough heat protection. The SAE 40 and 50 are thicker oil, so they can’t freely flow around all the engine parts to ensure smooth lubrication and running. 

Types Of Engine Oil 

Four types of engine oils are widely used for most motorized vehicles. One is petroleum-based oil, and the other three are synthetic blended, synthetic, and fully synthetic oil. 

What’s the difference between all those oils? 

The general differences are protection capability, smooth lubrication to penetrate the engine parts, and the breakdown tendency for prolonged running. 

Honda suggests using petroleum-based engine oils. But the synthetic lubricant that meets the Honda lawn mower engine’s specifications is worthwhile. 

Weights Grade 

Engine oil viscosity is also known as weight. In simple words, the weight rate means the thickness of the oil. The higher the viscosity, the thicker the oil, and the higher temperature tolerance. And vice versa. 

You must use higher viscosity oil on your Honda lawn mower for hot weather conditions as thinner oil may easily break down under the engine’s high heat or environmental temperature. 

But for cold climates, the thin oil may perform better. So if you are in a cold weather region, lighter oil will be a convent option for you. 


The liquid of your lawn mower has plenty of functions to perform. You can’t assume these without your close observations. 


A mower engine is a complex system that is built with multiple components. Some of these are flywheel, piston, carburetor, spark plug, crankshaft, and cylinder block. All those components come in contact and repeatedly grind, which leads to damage. Here the engine oil lubes all of them and prevents parts-to-parts friction. 

Reduce oil’s breakdown 

The engine oil becomes dark and gunk due to the buildup of sludge and deposits. Using the right oil for your engine can prevent this buildup and keep the oil clean even after running many miles. 

Ensure better performance

You must desire a high mileage performance from your lawn mower engine. But the poor oil can’t meet your desire, as it won’t flow smoothly, offer inadequate protection, break down quickly, and never ensure thermal stability. On the contrary, using the right oil provides all those to ensure your engine’s better performance. 

Ensure engine’s durability

Rust and corrosion are the common issues that make the metallic components fragile. So the oil that prevents these components from rusting can make them durable. As a result, the engine life will be longer than usual. 


The final consideration factor is the oil price. As we researched the oil market, we got the same quality and volume of oil in different price ranges because of brand value. So you have to be wise enough to choose the best oil by saving you bucks, but obviously without compromising quality.  

Honda Mower Oil Change

Choosing the best oil for your Honda mower doesn’t end your job. Now, you have to perform another task, and that is changing the old oil. It’s time to let you know how to change most of the Honda mower oil. 

The Things You’ll Need

  • Hand gloves
  • A drain pan
  • An oil funnel
  • A rug
  • A disposable plastic bag
  • New mower oil


  • Before starting work, ensure the mower’s engine is off. 
  • Wear hand gloves and unplug the spark plug.
  • Place the oil drain pan on the mower’s right side, aligning the oil filling plug. 
  • Open the oil filling plug, turning it clockwise. The plug can be hot if you immediately get to open the plug after running the engine. So be careful not to burn yourself. 
  • Grab the mower with your left hand and tilt it entirely right to drain the oil. The oil will be drained when you tilt the mower. 
  • But if you find the oil doesn’t fall precisely on the pan, it’s better to grab the drain pan with your right hand, adjusting the mower oil draining level. 
  • Hold it for a while until all the older oil won’t be drained and there is no oil left inside the mower reservoir. 
  • Next, pour the older oil into a disposable plastic bag and throw it in the waste bin. Otherwise, the gunk oil may unconsciously fall down the soil and make the space greasy.  
  • When you open the oil filling plug, you’ll notice a dipstick attached to measure the oil level. So measure the oil level with the dipstick to avoid overfilling the reservoir. 
  • Insert an oil funnel and pour new engine oil into the mower you measured before. 
  • Screw the plug back, and wipe the mower with the rug to ensure no extra oil is left on the mower.
  • Plug the spark plug you removed, and start your mower engine to check everything is ok.  


What is the Honda mower oil capacity?

13.5 ounces is the most Honda mower oil capacity, including HRS, HRR, HRX, HRN, and HRX series. 

Can you use 5w30 oil in a Honda lawn mower?

Yes, you can use 5w30 oil in a Honda lawn mower. But before using this weight grade, you must consider the local temperature range, that can 5w30 oil can handle. 

What happens if you put car oil in a lawn mower?

Putting car oil in your lawn mower can entirely clog and damage some parts for the oil’s increased viscosity. So you shouldn’t use car or tractor oil on the lawn mower engine. 

How often should you change the oil in a Honda lawn mower?

There are two different recommendations to change the Honda mower engine oil. If the mower engine is new, the best practice is to change the oil after 50 hours of running. But 5 hours of oil changing interval is recommended for older engines

Can I use synthetic oil in my Honda lawn mower?

Petroleum-based motor oils are recommended to use in your Honda lawn mower. Because its engine is constructed, tested, and certified for this type of oil. But, if synthetic or any motor oil meets the user manual recommendation, that can be used in your Honda mower engine.

Final Words 

Choosing the best oil for a Honda lawn mower is worthy for the mower engine and secure your investment. As you know which engine oil is suitable for your mower, pick the one that fits your budget and local temperature.  If you ask our expert’s opinion, we must say Honda ATF-DW1 Automatic Transmission Fluid is the best of the best. Because it’s an OEM oil, budget-friendly, and offers excellent performance from all the criteria, you expect.

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