5 Best Penetrating Oil For Seized Engine To Unfreeze


The engine of your vehicle may be seized due to rust and corrosion. In that case, it won’t perform like usual until you un-seize it. Using the best penetrating oil for seized engines can be your savior to remove rust and crust from the engine and ensure its peak performance. 

This article describes the 5 best penetrating oils for a stuck engine to get it back. Keep reading to learn about why your engine seized, the symptoms of seizing engine, what penetrating oil is, how to choose the right penetrating oil, and seize engine FAQs. 

Why Did My Engine Seize? 

The first and foremost reason for seizing your engine is your carelessness. Yes, we again say it happens because of your irresponsibility. Check the questions below and determine if you did do that. 

  • Did you drive the vehicle with low oil for many hours? (Yes/No)

If your answer to those three questions is yes, then wasn’t that your carelessness? Maybe you didn’t do that consciously. But it happens because of a lack of engine oil knowledge. 

Seized Engine Symptoms 

However, if you know the seized engine’s symptoms, that will be beneficial for you to diagnose your seized engine as early as possible. So that you can instantly take action to avoid turning the seizing permanent that won’t be repairable. 

  • The engine will lose its power or overheat within a short time. If so, you have to understand that there is no or low oil to lubricate its piston and other parts. So it won’t move smoothly and produce heat. 
  • Besides overheating, the engine starts to make clunking and creaking noises due to loose components and their friction. 
  • If the vehicle ideally sits for a longer time, water builds up, and its bolts and nuts may be affected by rust and corrosion. So when you want to use it, these rust and corrosion seize the engine. 

These are the basic symptoms of an automobile seizing engine. If that happens to your engine, you should use penetrating oil to un-seize it. 

What Is Penetrating Oil? 

The low-viscosity oil which easily flows to penetrate rusted mechanical parts to clean grease, tar, and adhesives is called penetrating oil. This oil isn’t like general engine oil, so it’s not recommended to use to lubricate your automobile parts. 

Does Penetrating Oil Work?

Of course, penetrating oil lubricates the rusted and corroded parts of the engine and removes grease, rust, corroding, and tar to ensure smooth rotation. As a result, the engine won’t overheat, come in contact with one another, melt the bearings and other parts, and produce sounds. So the engine won’t be seized. 

Best Penetrating Oil For Seized Engine Comparison Table

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Best Penetrating Oil For Seized Engine Reviews 

1. Permatex Anti-Seize Lubricant – Best For Overall 

If your motorized vehicle’s engine is seized and you are desperately looking for a dedicated lubricant for it, we recommend the Permatex Anti Seize lubricant. It is designed to un-stuck your engine by removing rust and corrosion from its surfaces.

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The lubricant is blended with highly refined copper, aluminium, and graphite. The brush design bottle is perfect for applying a decent amount of lubricant to the engine’s internal and external components.  

Once you apply adequate lubricant, all of these chemical components will flow to the metallic surface of the engine. So the formula will remove rust, corrosion, and other particles that seized the engine.  

On top-notch, you don’t have to worry about your engine’s temperature. Its temperature tolerance range is -51°c to 871°C or -60°f to 1600°f. But one thing, the formula may dry out over time. If that happens, you have to add a little motor oil to penetrate the engine. 

What We Like

  • Perfect lubricant for liberty-minded connections
  • Excellent blended formula to prevent engine seizing 
  • Make the engine corrosion, salt, and moisture resistant
  • Easy to use and extremely budget-friendly price 

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users find the brush is sloppy to use


If you work on cars, motorcycles, scooters, Honda lawn mower or other motorized vehicles, the Permatex anti seize lubricant is a game changer for you. It flows fast to the metal parts of the engine and ensures smooth movement without no seizing. 

2. 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil – Best For Easy To Use

Isn’t it wise to rely on a more than 100 year branded company to un-seize your engine? Absolutely. We choose the 3-IN-ONE multi-purpose penetrating oil by considering the brand, oil formula, and ease of application. 

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Its 3 core works are lubricating, penetrating rust, and cleaning. However, there is no limit to using this oil. You can use this oil on seized engines, wheels, bicycle chains, door and chair hinges to stop squeaky, small motors, and moving parts. That’s why its name is kept 3-IN-ONE multi-purpose penetrating oil. 

The bottle has a small spout for precise oil application, and easily reaches hard-to-reach places. Even by squeezing the bottle, you can control the dispensed oil. So there is no chance of oil over spraying where the engine won’t require it. Which means there is no oil wastage, and no money wastage. 

The oil flows to every part of the engine, so your engine will start to move smoothly within a few hours. It’s better to apply the oil to your engine at night to get maximum performance.

What We Like

  • Quality penetrating oil to fast lubrication 
  • Clean rust and corrosion from the metal parts 
  • The simple bottle design makes it easy to use
  • The bottle’s filling level indicator shows the oil level

What We Don’t Like

  • It’ll be better if the bottle  is a bit thicker


The 3-IN-ONE penetrating oil is easy to use, drippy, and not greasy. You can get your engine back to work within hours once you apply it. So this oil should be a part of your vehicle toolkit box. 

3. WD-40 Multi-Use Product – Best For Spray Can 

Another great solution to penetrate your seized engine is the WD-40 multi-use spray. This spray formula won’t have harmful ingredients like water, silicone, graphite, kerosene, or chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), so it is good for your engine health and the environment.

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The spray works as a corrosion inhibitor to keep your engine free from rust. So once you apply the spray, it helps to lubricate the moving parts to prevent metal-to-metal friction, and make it future rust resistant. That means you can be free of concern seizing the engine again for moisture and rust. 

The application process of the WD-40 to your seized engine is very simple, and it takes only 30-60 seconds. Just shake the can, flip the straw up or down for narrow or wide spray, press its top, and spray the formula. Let your engine soak for 5-10 minutes to work the spray. Now wipe the engine to clean the loosen rust particles, and find a smooth-moving engine. 

You’ll need a little amount of spray to release your engine from seizing. Besides this, you can use this spray to free sticky tools and drive out moisture from the water-flooded power tools and equipment. It is an extremely budget-friendly and handy spray for every homeowner and automobile owner. 

What We Like

  • Easy application with smart wide and narrow straw 
  • Tools, equipment, metal, and environment friendly 
  • Ensure removing moisture, rust, and corrosion 
  • Fast lubrication and versatile uses

What We Don’t Like 

  • It has a little smell


WD-40 is reliable to offer you a good product. Every droplet of this spray will ensure excellent lubrication to the moving parts of your engine, tools, hinges, and other mechanical equipment. It is also pocket friendly so that you can try it with confidence. 

4. Gasoila Deep Penetrating Oil – Best For Paint Safe 

Are you hopeless about seeing the frozen engine of your BMW car? The Gasoila All Rust Eater Deep Penetrating Oil can be your hope to unfreeze the engine. This oil is formulated with 35% lubricant, 35% rust seeker, and 30% rust eater. So you can realize how powerful the oil is to penetrate any seized tools, components, and equipment.

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The lubricant parts of the oil contain more loosening agents to loosen the rusty nuts and bolts. The ultra-low viscosity of the rust seeker contains slow evaporating agents to deliver faster lubrication than typical penetrating oil. And the rust eater contains highly refined ingredients to eat rust to keep the surface rust-free. 

This penetrating oil comes with an easy-to-grab can and sprays straw to precisely apply oil to the hard-reach metal surface of the seized engine. So you will need less spray, less time, and less torque to get your engine back to its highest potential. 

However, the oil formula won’t contain silicone, so it is safe to use on plastic and painted surfaces. In addition, you can easily own a can of this oil due to its reasonable price tag.  

What We Like

  • Excellent for dissolving rust from hard-reach locations
  • Multi-purpose uses on auto, marine, industrial, and maintenance 
  • Ensure 3x more lubrication to get the job done fast
  • Requires 30% less torque to free the frozen engine 

What We Don’t Like

  • You may feel a weird solvent smell after using 


The best oil formula, fast and deep penetration, easy to use, and no silicone are Gasoila penetrating oil’s real benefits for your seizing engine. You must have it to get a satisfactory result at an economical price. 

5. Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil – Best For Fast Acting

Though we keep Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil at the bottom of our list, this oil is recommended by many users on multiple forums and boards. So there is no chance to underestimate it as a penetrating oil to unfreeze your engine.

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The formula of this oil is engineered after in-depth laboratory research. It contains a lot of chemical, electrical, mechanical, and physical properties to eat up rust and corrosion from the frozen engine and other metal parts. 

At first glance, you may think the oil bottle is designed old-fashioned. But, it has a nozzle to apply the right amount of oil to the right space. So you can avoid more oil dispensing, which is great for reducing the space’s mess and oil wastage. 

The oil will swiftly penetrate the engine’s rusted bolts, nuts, and other components. The molecular structure of the oil will un-seized the engine within a few minutes and offer maximum performance. 

What We Like 

  • Research based high quality penetrating oil
  • Ensure rust and corrosion prevention with no metallic damage
  • Versatile uses and easy to apply hard reach area
  • Time-saving and worth your investment 

What We Don’t Like 

  • The packaging looks old school


Having the Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil means having the best formula to unfreeze any rusty metallic tools with no effort. In addition, one can provide a maximum number of applications, so you won’t have to frequently buy penetrating oil for your DIY or car repair projects. 

How To Choose The Best Penetrating Oil (Buying Guide)

As the market is flooded with different types of penetrating oil, it’s not simple to choose the right one for your seized engine. Here are some key features that you must consider when buying penetrating oil. 

Powerful solvents 

The penetrating oil, which contains high-performing solvents to dissolve rust, and corrosion, is good for contaminated engine surfaces. These solvents amazingly remove these corroded particles from the metallic tools to unfreeze them. 

Types of Penetrating Oils

Synthetic, straight, and water-soluble are 3 of the types of penetrating oil. Synthetic oil has no petroleum/mineral oil and is fire resistant. Where straight is petroleum-based oil with no water and water-soluble oil easily dilutes in water. 

Synthetic oil works as a super coolant and is good to use in high-temperature areas. The straight oil is great for surfaces which need smooth and fast lubrication. The water-soluble oil is excellent to use for the parts that are corded easily for harsh weather conditions. 

So you have to choose any penetrating oil that fits your requirements to unfreeze your engine. 


Viscosity means how thick or thin the oil is. Low viscosity oil can easily flow to the deep and tight surfaces of the engine to penetrate. So it’s wise to buy low viscosity penetrating oil rather than a thick one.  


Lubricity means how fast the oil can act to reduce friction and corrosion from the moving parts. As you want to choose the penetrating oil for the seized engine, it’s better to pick an oil with various lubricating capabilities. 

Temperature Tolerance 

All penetrating oil can’t tolerate the same temperature. If one oil can tolerate high temperatures, another can lose its functionality at that temp. So you should look at the container label or the product description to know the oil’s temperature tolerance range. 

If you have to use the oil at a high temperature, choose Permatex anti seize oil. However, you can go with other options in our discussion for the average temperature. 


Every penetrating oil comes in different container types, such as a spray can with narrow or wide straw, spout bottle, top brush bottle etc. A spray can is the most convenient to easily trigger the spaces you want to penetrate. Moreover, the spout bottle is also excellent for precise oil application. 

Purpose and Quantity

Most penetrating oils are designed to serve multipurpose, and there is no limit to their uses. In that case, choosing low-volume penetrating oil isn’t a smart decision. You should select the penetrating oil container size considering your seizing engine needs and additional job types. Moreover, as penetrating oil doesn’t cost an arm or a leg, there is no reason to choose a lower volume container.  


What is the purpose of penetrating oil?

There are several purposes for using penetrating oil in the engine. Such as; removing rust and cleaning the bolts, protecting the engine’s internal parts from getting stuck, and reducing components of each other’s friction and engine sounds. 

Does penetrating oil work on rusted bolts?

Penetrating oil works excellent on rusted bolts to remove the corroding and clean it for smooth rotation. 

What can I use to free a seized engine?

You can free a seized engine only by doing two simple tasks. First, turn its bolts clockwise. Then use the spark plug wells to apply a few drops of penetrating oil to the cylinder walls. Let the oil sit for 30 to 60 minutes to work, and un-seize the engine. 

How long does it take for an engine to seize without oil?

First, running the engine without oil is not wise, though it can. However, within 30 minutes, an engine may seize up due to a lack of oil running. 

Can too much oil seize an engine?

Yes, too much oil can lead to major damage to the engine components and seize. So if somehow, you overfill the engine, instantly drain the excess oil through the oil pan to fix the issue. 

Final Words 

Plenty of options are available for choosing the best penetrating oil for seized engines. But choosing the right oil and using it properly makes your work easier to remove rust and crust from the metal parts of the engine and unfreeze it.  We suggest choosing Permatex anti-seize lubricant because of its quality, formula, deep penetrating capability, and price.

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