5 Best Oil For BMW 335i n54 Twin Turbo Engines In 2023

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Using the best oil for BMW 335i n54 twin turbo engine improves its fuel economy and minimizes wear and tear even in extreme pressure and harsh weather conditions. 

But, it isn’t easy to choose the right oil for your BMW when you have zero knowledge about the car’s engine oil quality and viscosity. 

Keep reading our article to learn everything about motor oil features, facts, and specifications to pick the best oil for BMW 335i and become a savvy user. 

Why Do You Need The Best Oil For BMW 335i n54 Twin Turbo Engines?

You must use the best oil for your BMW engine to get some extra benefits. Here is a list of top-notch reasons why you should use the best oil for  BMW 335i n54 twin-turbo engines. 

  • Having a BMW means investing around $40000 to $80000. Though it comes with a more cost-effective and powerful GDI engine. Unfortunately, if you aren’t aware of your car’s oil to maintain the motor’s strength, repeated grinding will soon damage the pistons, valves, and other parts of your vehicle.  
  • The poor oil will fail to strengthen the film and increase lubrication duration. As a result, you can’t drive the car for long hours within the oil drain interval. 
  • Repeated oil draining means repeated oil buying. And it indicates less fuel economy and more fuel cost. 
  • In the long run, your engine will be completely damaged because of poor oil, and you will have to replace the motor. The average BMW 335i turbocharger replacement cost is around $3836 and $5293, which is tremendous! 

That means if you have to avoid all those hassles and costs, there is no option instead of using the best oil for your BMW car’s 335i n54 twin turbo motor. 

Best Oil For BMW 335i n54 Twin Turbo Comparison Table

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Best Oil For BMW 335i n54 Twin Turbo Reviews 

1. Valvoline SAE Motor Oil – Best For High Mileage 

If you have already changed the motor oil many times for your BMW car but are not satisfied with its performance. The Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil can be the best couple for the 335i n54 twin turbo motor. 

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Because BMW North America lists Valvoline oil as an approved OE oil for BMW 3 series. The authority considered the oil’s four primary qualities (protection against friction, heat, wear, and deposit buildup) to enlist it as the BMW-recommended oil

However, all these qualities of oil can improve your engine’s optimized performance and maximize longevity. The fluid contains antioxidants to prevent oil breakdown in the middle of driving and reduce engine surface deposits. That’s why you can enjoy a 15k to 20k miles safe journey between oil changes. 

Lastly, the container is nicely designed to easily drain oil into the engine tank when needed. So the oil won’t spill or make a mess, that is great!  

What We Like

  • The oil ensures the peak performance of your engine every day 
  • Advanced protection against heat, friction, deposits, and wear
  • Maximize the life of your engine and transmission 
  • The engine starts easier and sounds better

What We Don’t Like

  • Though the thin plastic of the container is environmentally friendly, careless transit can impact it and make leaks


As BMW recommends this Valvoline oil for its most series of cars, you should try it. Surely, you won’t be disappointed, because it is a great product from a great company!

2. Mobil 1 FS European Car Formula Motor Oil – Best For Budget 

The Mobil 1 FS European Car Formula Motor Oil offers proven performance as it is verified with Blackstone Labs Oil Analysis (BLOA). Also, it is Amazon’s no. 1 motor oil with  85%+ positive customer reviews. For this reason, we choose it for your BMW 335i n54 twin turbo engine to elevate its performance and lifespan. 

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The 0W-40 viscosity of the oil is prudent to serve better in harsh or cold weather conditions. So when the extreme weather stresses your engine, this synthetic blended oil protects your motor against sludge and deposit buildup. However, the oil lube the engine to ensure no friction and 

internal heat protection. 

Besides offering protection for your engine, it also provides 10k miles of driving between oil change intervals. Even after driving this huge mileage, when you go to change the oil, you’ll find it still has good color and viscosity. 

Moreover, if you have more other cars except for BMW, you can use the Mobil 1 oil for Mercedes-Benz, VW, and Porsche vehicles. That means you won’t have to buy different types of oil for additional car models. This saves your time, energy, and money, as you can manage all the car’s fuel with one gallon of Mobil 1 liquid.

What We Like

  • Full synthetic and excellent oil viscosity even after high mileage 
  • Protect the engine from friction, heat, wear and deposits buildup
  • It makes your engine oxidation-resistant
  • Maximize engine performance in extreme conditions 

What We Don’t Like

  • It won’t fit for cold weather in a mini cooper engine.


It is a highly compatible oil for your turbo engine and offers all kinds of protection. So once you use this oil, you can experience smooth driving with less noise. 

3. Castrol Edge Motor Oil – Best For Stress Protection 

Are you looking for car oil, which most car manufacturers recommend? Here, we suggest choosing the Castrol Edge 5w30 Full Synthetic Oil. Today’s car engines have to face approximately 2 times more pressure over the last 3 decades. By keeping in mind the weather changes impact on car engines, it is designed depending on titanium-based technology to protect your engine from more pressure and stress. 

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Since the oil reduces the engine pressure, your BMW’s short and long-term engine performance will be higher, even for older versions.  Besides engine performance, the Castrol oil will help you to reduce metal-on-metal friction, power-consuming deposits buildup, and engine emissions. In addition, it prevents your engine from leaking, tearing and wearing. So overall, it increases the fuel economy of your car. 

Now, let’s talk about its high mileage efficiency and environmental effects. You can enjoy around 10000 miles of smooth driving with one gallon of oil. Moreover, the oil reduces phosphorus gas development when driving the car. So you can say the oil is more eco-friendly than any other motor oil. 

What We Like

  • Advanced and premium oil reduces engine pressure
  • Tested by ASTM D6278 5W-30 viscosity grade
  • Incredibly increase smooth driving with less metal contact and noise
  • High mileage maximizes fuel economy 

What We Don’t Like

  • It is not a good fit for BMW LL04 specifications.


This oil will be the right option for most BMW engines to ensure high performance, less noise, frictional damage, and engine emissions. You must try it for your car as a responsible citizen to save the environment.  

4. Pennzoil Platinum Motor Oil –  Best For Fuel Efficiency 

Do you want to save some bucks from your engine oil cost and quit changing oil within 3000 to 5000 miles? For this, choosing the Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil will be the best bat for you. 

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This superior Motorcraft liquid is fully synthetic and formulated from natural gas for modern turbocharged engines. So once you use the Pennzoil oil for your  BMW 335i n54 twin turbo engine, it lubricates your engine better than any other oil.

It will protect your BMW engines against wear, tear, friction, and high rotational noise. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the weather conditions of your locality, as it can protect against power loss and ensure superior performance in extreme temperatures. 

However, the oil offers high mileage (extra 550 miles) efficiency that provides better fuel economy than most other engine oil. In addition, it keeps the piston 45% cleaner, which reduces engine fragility. 

What We Like

  • Pure synthetic oil and formulated from natural gas following gas-to-liquid technology.
  • Meets ILSAC GF-6A industry specifications to ensure quality
  • It makes your engine wear and tear-resistant by providing excellent protection
  • Budget-friendly price and easy handling and pouring container

What We Don’t Like

  • The contact cap should be thicker to prevent leaking during transport. 


To keep your engine 99.5% free from clogging impurities, reduce fuel consumption, and enhance its performance and durability, you can use Pennzoil motor oil for your BMW car’s engine. 

5. AmazonBasics Motor Oil – Best For Sludge Protection 

AmazonBasics Synthetic Motor Oil is another recommendation for your BMW turbocharged engine to better sludge control and rust protection. The oil is formulated to ensure a longer oil draining interval. So you can drive the car for around 10k miles, and it will still look better than turning black gunk. 

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In most weather conditions, this 5W-40 viscosity oil flows your engine from the tank fastly to keep your piston clean and protect the engine from rust and corrosion. In addition, the oil also ensures less thermal breakdown and exhaust emissions in the air so that the oil is eco-friendly, which helps to rescue environmental pollution. 

It meets ILSAC GF-5, API SN PLUS, and many other standards. So you can confidently choose it for your BMW. Besides BMW turbo engines, this oil is suitable for a wide range of gasoline wet clutch ATV engines By considering quality, viscosity, and price, choosing the AmazonBasics Synthetic oil will be a worthy decision for your smooth driving experience. 

What We Like 

  • Provides high-level engine protection, even severe operation condition
  • Less low-speed pre-ignition and burn-off tendency
  • Minor friction means better engine optimization 
  • Simple easy to pour bottle for less mess up 

What We Don’t Like

  • It would be better if the container has transparent strips to know the remaining oil volume 


You can choose this oil for your BMW car to accelerate its machine longevity by protecting wear and tear from rust and corrosion. 

What To Look For When Buying The Best Oil For BMW 335i n54 Twin Turbo 

Choosing the right oil for your car can boost its performance. Conversely, the poor oil can make it a worse performer, leading you to repair the engine within a short period. So you must consider some crucial factors before selecting an engine oil for your BMW 335i n54 Twin Turbo. 

Engine Type

First, you should consider your BMW engine type, whether it is compatible with gasoline or Diesel, because some specific oils only work better for gasoline or Diesel machines. You can check the manufacturer’s manual guide to know your car’s engine types. However, you can also choose the oil that works for gasoline and Diesel. 


The oil, which is certified by API (American Petroleum Institution) and many other authorities, can be considered pure and worth working on. So you have to check this certificate from their website to pick the right oil. However, as you choose oil for the N54 turbocharged engine, your oil must have LL04 certification. 


The viscosity of oil means how thin or thick it is and how it reacts with weather conditions. Moreover, most horsepower oil’s viscosity is determined by “W” and two numbers. Here “W” means winter, and the number means what temp the oil can suit. So you should check the viscosity of your oil. The 5W-30 and 0W-40 viscosity oils are the best suited for your BMW carbo engine, so you should choose these viscosity oils. 

Mileage and Volume 

You should consider the fluid volume to get the high mileage efficiency of your car within the fluid draining interval. Moreover, the volume of the oil also helps you to ensure fuel economy by reducing oil wastage. So it’s recommended to buy a 5-quart oil gallon instead of a 1-quart bottle. 


Is the N54 twin-turbo a reliable engine?

Yes, the N54 and N55 engines are relatively reliable. However, because it helps the car’s cylinders to work at lower temperatures, boosts car efficiency and power, you may face some issues with its water pump and gasket. 

What is the BMW N54 oil weight? 

Basically, the ideal weight for BMW N54 oil depends on your living weather condition. If you live in a cooler region, the best weight for the BMW N54 engine is the 5W30 for you. But if you live in a summer-based area, the 5W40 viscosity will be the ideal weight for you.

However, if the temperature is neutral, 5W50 viscosity oil will be the right option, or you can use anyone between 5W30 and  5W40 as there is no specific functionality except temperature resistance. 

What is the BMW n54 oil capacity?

A BMW 335i n54 engine can take 5-7 quarts of horsepower oil. Though it can handle 7 quarts of oil, you should not drain this volume of oil to avoid overfilling. Instead, it’s better to pour 6.5 quarts of oil at a time. 


That’s the end of our discussion on the best oil for BMW 335i n54 twin turbo. Hopefully, you can choose the right oil that fits your car depending on your budget and local weather condition. 

If you want our opinion, we suggest Mobil 1 FS European Car Formula Motor oil because of its quality, quantity, viscosity, engine performance, mileage, and price tag. This means you will be the winner, and your car loves it as its food. 

Have a safe journey!

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