Liqui Moly vs Mobil 1 ( A Head To Head Comparison)

LIqui Moly VS Mobil 1

Quality motor oil certainly can offer blissful operation to your engine where Liqui Moly and Mobil 1 are prominent among all brands. But, what oil is compatible for which vehicles and why; is a burning question. 

As the oils are formulated from two different brands, there must be some differences. This Liqui Moly vs. Mobil 1 post demonstrates both oils’ differences to determine which is better. 

Comparison Table Between Liqui Moly vs. Mobil 1 

Here we enlist the top-notch features of both of the oils to reduce your toil to figure out the basic information. 

Features Liqui MolyMobil 1
Types Full SyntheticFull Synthetic
Used for Gas and diesel engine Gas and diesel without diesel particulate filters (DPFs) engines
Viscosity grade5W-405W-30
Heat Resistance-40°c to 280°c-34°c to 260°c
Film strength Competitively lowerHigher 
Pressure handling capacity Average Superior 
Cleaning CapabilityAverage Exclusive 
Oil changing interval (Milage)5000 miles 10000 miles 
Compatible vehicles BMW Cars, Jeeps, Bikes, Mower, Heavy-duty Truck, Boat, etc.Automobile, SUVs, passenger cars, light vans, and trucks 

Overview of Liqui Moly

The Liqui Moly oil is a little bit gunk to look at, but it can offer incredible performance for most modern engine vehicles. You’ll be satisfied with the oil’s engine protection capability and faster oil flow. 

Nonetheless, as the oil is suitable to use in all weather (high and low temp) conditions, you won’t need to think about your engine’s immature wear and tear. 

On top-notch, the longer the oil remains clean, the lower it releases emissions, and the less it pollutes the environment. So you can confidently use this oil for your personal or commercial vehicles


  • Suitable for all engines and ensure efficient performance
  • Provide optimal engine optimization even in harsh weather 
  • Penetrate all internal parts to protect against frictional damage
  • Longer your engine life that saves your investment 

Overview of Mobil 1 

Mobil 1 motor oil is formulated for older and modern gas and diesel engines. So you can choose this oil without considering your engine age. When the older engine has to face more stress and pressure than the new engine, it performs the same as new engines. 

The oil properly lubes the engine to offer tension-free smooth running up to 10k miles between two oil intervals. That means it will boost your fuel economy and engine performance. 

Since the sludge and deposits reduce the oil’s working ability. So it comes with some additional additives to prevent building these particles and keep the oil clean even after running high mileage


  • Ensure your engine’s protection with high mileage performance
  • Piston rings, carburetor, and other parts will be lubed as their requirements
  • The oil won’t be sticky and greasy even running a lot of miles
  • Prevent oil leaking and longer engine lifespan

A Detail Comparison of Liqui Moly vs. Mobil 1 

Now, it’s time to check an in-depth comparison between these two oils. Here we’ll discuss feature by feature to justify our discussion. 

1. Heat resistance

Weather frequently changes, even in one season. When the sun shines scorchingly, the temperature reaches very high in the middle of the day. On the other hand, the temperature is relatively lower during sunrise and sunset than at midday. 

Not only that, but different seasons’ temperature ranges are also different. In that case, the motor oil heat resistance is a crucial factor defining its performance. 

Liqui Moly

This oil has a wide range of heat-resistant capacities from -40°c to 280°c temperature. If your local temperature range is aligned in this range, you can absolutely use it for your vehicles. 

Mobil 1

The Mobil 1 heat resistant ability is slightly lower than the Liqui Moly, as its temperature ranges are -34°c to 260°c. Since the difference isn’t too noticeable, there is nothing to worry too much about its heat resistance. 

2. Mileage efficiency

The more mileage you can run the engine with one oil, the better the oil will be. Because it helps to improve your fuel economy, engine optimization, and protection.

Liqui Moly 

You’ll get 5000 miles of running with this oil, which is good. However, this mileage isn’t fixed, it can be higher or lower according to your driving skill, driving time, and weather conditions. 

Mobil 1

The 10000 miles of running ability is more impressive than Liqui Moly. Besides high mileage efficiency, it keeps the oil clean and sludge free to expand the oil changing interval. 

3. Viscosity Grade 

Depending on the viscosity grade, you can define how fast the oil will flow from the oil reservoir to the engine’s internal parts. Not only that, but the viscosity of the oil also helps you check the oil’s breakdown tendency under heavy pressure and stress. 

Liqui Moly 

The full synthetic 5W-40 Liqui Moly oil is a little thicker than Mobil 1 and takes a few more seconds to flow. But, under high temperatures, it won’t break down and cause engine oil failure. 

Mobil 1

Though the Mobil 1 is also a fully synthetic oil, it is thinner and looks like honey. The 5W-30 viscosity of the oil offers you faster flowing to the engine’s components. The smooth lubricating efficiency ensures better oxidation and thermal stability. 

4. Long-Lasting

The motor oil’s long life means you won’t have to frequently look for new oil for your engine. Moreover, it helps to avoid researching the oil quality that boosts your engine within a year. 

Liqui Moly

You can expect 5 years of excellent engine performance with this oil. The high-temperature resistance offers less oil burning. Less oil burning will indirectly improve the engine’s longevity. 

Mobil 1 

The Mobil 1 provides you with 3 to 5 years of expected lifespan, less than Liqui Moly. If the weather, the engine heat production, and many other factors are favorable to the oil, it will last for 5 years. On the other hand, if all those go against the oil, you have to change the oil within 3 years. 

5. Fuel cost

Motor oil prices, their volume, oil changing interval, and longevity impact fuel cost. So it’s important to consider fuel cost to determine whether one oil is better than another.

Liqui Moly 

This oil is more expensive and its oil changing interval is also lower than Mobil 1 oil. But its lifespan is better. That means you can’t deny this oil in terms of cost. 

Mobil 1

This oil is good to choose from considering its price, volume, and oil changing interval,  But if the lifespan is better, then it will be 3 out of 3 for efficient fuel economy. 


Is Liquid Moly good for your car?

The Liqui Moly comes with additional detergents that work like vitamins for the car’s engine. Those will protect against rust and corrosion and minimize the engine’s friction and oil consumption. So considering overall oil quality, this oil is good for cars. 

Where to buy Liqui Moly oil?

You can buy Liqui Moly oil from different sources. Your nearest car supplies shop and some online marketplace like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart are worthy mentionable.  

Where is Mobil 1 oil manufactured?

Mobil 1 is an American Petroleum company. This oil is manufactured and distributed from Beaumont in Texas. 

Is Mobil 1 oil the best oil?

If you focus on the 3 significant features of motor oil; protection, performance, and cleanliness. We have to say, yes, Mobil 1 is the best oil. 

What To Choose Between Liqui Moly Vs. Mobil 1

Which oil you use between Liqui Moly vs Mobil 1 depends on your personal choices, vehicle engine types, and manufacturer recommendations. 

However, the Liqui Moly oil will be the winner for extended service, better heat resistance, and viscosity. 

On the other hand, the Mobil 1 will be the winner for older and newer engine compatibility, higher mileage, protection, oil cleaning capacity, and price. 

We have shown all the differences and what to choose. Now it’s your turn to pick one between two. 

Are you in a dilemma between Liqui Moly vs. Mobil 1? Here everything is designed to be side by side for best comparison.

Warp Up

Finally, we are at the end of our detailed guide. If we talk about the comparison, Liqui Moly is the winner of these engine oils. As it offers extreme engine protection, highly mixable, and engine performance optimization, Liquid Moly is the best pick for you right now! Besides, we tried to cover all the positive and negative sides of these engine oils. That’s why we hope our article will help you to make a quicker decision while purchasing. So, choose the best one today to get extreme engine protection for a longer time.

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