5 Best Oil Filter for Kawasaki FR691V: Which One is Right for You In 2024?

Best Oil Filter for Kawasaki FR691

The FR691V motor is an industrial powerhouse capable of handling any landscaping job. This four-cycle engine has an air-venting carburetor and a hydraulic compression-release system. With a horsepower range of 22 to 24, this engine can also run several garden and lawn equipment. 

If you want to get the most out of this engine, you need to invest in the best oil filter money can buy. It might be difficult to figure out which of the many oil filters available on the market is best for purging debris from motor oil. To help with this, I have compiled a list of the 5 best Oil Filter for Kawasaki FR691V with their pros and cons in the following. In addition, a shopping guide was provided to help maximize your time at the stores. 

Best Oil Filter for Kawasaki FR691V Comparison Table

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Review of 5 Best Oil Filter for Kawasaki FR691V

1. Kawasaki 49065-0721 Oil Filter

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The Kawasaki 49065-0721 Oil Filter is made to safeguard your machine’s engine and maintain peak performance through careful filtration. When the 49065-7007 oil filter needs to be replaced, you can count on this one to do the job. Also, this is a high-quality replacement made to order for specific 22-24 HP Kawasaki motors.

According to the manufacturer, there is no need to buy a new filter if you already have one for your Kawasaki fr61v since the filters are compatible. 

This oil filter guarantees that only clean, filtered oil runs through the engine, lowering the possibility of early engine wear and damage by catching dangerous particles as tiny as 25 microns. Its effective filtering capabilities help keep engines in top condition and increase longevity.

Moreover, this filter protects vital engine elements from early wear by preventing oil contamination with hazardous particles, allowing the engine to run smoothly and efficiently. You may rest easy knowing that this oil filter safeguards your engine.

What we like?

  • Convenient Replacement
  • OEM quality 
  • Reliable Engine Protection
  • Fair price

What we don’t like?

  • Limited Compatibility


The 49065-0721 Oil Filter is a great choice for protecting your Kawasaki’s engine and ensuring it continues running smoothly for years. Its high quality and dependability are further highlighted by the fact that it was manufactured in the USA.

2. 49065-7007 Oil Filter 

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This oil filter has the widest range of compatibility among the models of Kawasaki engines we tested. It works with engines ranging from the FX600V and FR691V to the FX481V and FX691V, as well as the FX730V and more. 

This oil filter’s superior filtration media effectively captures particles as small as 20 microns, keeping them from recirculating in the engine and doing damage. In turn, this cleaner and smoother oil flow contributes to increased engine efficiency. Also, the filter can withstand vibrations and collisions because of the filter’s strong casing. 

You’ll get not one but two oil filters and a free fuel filter when you buy the 49065-7007 Oil Filter. The gasoline filter is another component that can help your engine run better, whose compatibility will depend on its size. However, you must check the fuel filter’s size to be sure it will fit your engine before placing an order.

What we like? 

  • Fits a variety of Kawasaki engines
  • Simple to set up 
  • Excellent quality.  
  • Value for the money

What we don’t like?

  • The fuel filter quality is subpar.


Kawasaki engines benefit greatly from using the 49065-7007 Oil Filter, which will keep the engine running smoothly for many miles. Also, the oil filter is designed to be changed by anyone without extensive mechanical knowledge or the requirement for expensive tools. This added ease of use makes this Oil Filter much more appealing and helps keep upkeep to a minimum.

3. New Stens Air Filter 

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This air filter stands out as a dependable option for experts and DIY enthusiasts alike due to its precision engineering and compatibility with different models. You can use the Stens Air Filter with a wide range of Kawasaki motors, including the FR651V, FR691V, FR730V, FS481V-FS691V, FS730V, and FX600V.

This filter includes a 100% premium plated air intake quality filter. Before entering the engine or other systems, it filters the incoming air to remove contaminants or pollutants. This function improves the barrier against pollutants, letting cleaner air through.

This filter’s 100% air intake means that large air can pass through the paper without causing a substantial pressure drop or obstruction. This is critical for maximizing the efficiency of the engine’s combustion and ensuring peak performance.

Construction-wise, it has a removable and washable foam pre-filter. Having this quality ensures that larger particles in the oil can be captured before they reach the primary filter material. The foam pre-filter can be washed and reused as a further benefit, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice.

Specifically, the rubber seal is located on this oil filter’s end cap or base plate. The filter’s rubber seal forms a tight seal against the engine’s mounting surface upon installation. This gasket keeps the oil within the filter until it has been thoroughly filtered and returned to the engine.

Additionally, the Stens Air Filter is made to precise standards, and its dimensions—2 3/4″ in width, 6 5/8″ in length, and 3″ in height—are just what’s needed for peak performance.

What we like?

  • Replaces OEM Numbers
  • 100% premium plated air intake
  • Removable and washable foam
  • Easy to install

What we don’t like?

  • Doesn’t include a clamp


The Ariens, Bobcat, Gravely, John Deere, Kawasaki, and Snapper Pro OEM numbers are among those the Stens Air Filter intends to replace. No matter what brand or type of equipment you have, you can easily replace your current air filter with the Stens alternative due to its wide compatibility. 

4. HIFROM Air Filter

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Trust HIFROM to deliver top-notch quality at a fair price!

Maintaining a healthy engine in your lawnmower or tractor will provide years of dependable service. For this purpose, the HIFROM Air Filter is a low-cost choice for preserving optimal engine performance.

The HIFROM Air Filter is built to last and is meticulously crafted to provide optimal performance. Superior construction ensures that dirt, dust, and debris are kept out of the engine, protecting it from wear and tear and boosting its performance. 

Comprehensive Tune-Up Kit!

It is included in an all-inclusive tune-up kit that provides everything you need to keep your engine running smoothly. The air filter, pre-filter, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, and two clamps for tight installation are all included in the kit. Upgrading these key components simultaneously gives your lawn mower or tractor a thorough tune-up and makes it run more efficiently.

Thanks to the clear directions provided, anyone can change the filters and spark plugs regardless of their level of technical expertise. You may get your engine in excellent shape with hardly any work. 

This filter is a convenient replacement for the 11013-7047 and 49065-7007, and it is also suitable for the Kawasaki FR651V, FR691V, FR730V, FS600V, FS651V, FS691V, and FS730V 4-Cycle Engines.

What we like? 

  • Excellent Filtration
  • Comprehensive Tune-Up Kit
  • Easy Installation
  • Excellent Compatibility

What we don’t like?

  • Pricey 


The HIFROM Air Filter is worthwhile if you care about engine performance, life, and gardening efficiency. HIFROM provides a generous 3-month warranty, giving you plenty of time to report problems and get them fixed.

5. HIFROM Pack of 6 New OIL FILTER

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It’s no surprise that HIFROM’s 6-Pack of Brand-New Oil Filters maintains the company’s high standard for quality. Filtration down to 25 microns is highly efficient, keeping potentially damaging particles from recirculating in the engine. Using these filters often can keep your engine oil clean and extend the life of your Kawasaki.

HIFROM’s 6-pack of new oil filters is intended to switch out for 49065-7007 and 49065-7002 components. These oil filters are compatible with a wide range of Kawasaki models, including the FB460V, FC420V, FC540V, FD501D, FD590V, FR651V, FR691V, FR730V, FX481V, FX541V, FX600V, FX651V, FX691V, and FX730V. HIFROM asks that you provide your machine’s model and production year if you need clarification on whether or not these filters will work with it.

What we like?

  • 25-micron rating
  • High-quality filtration
  • Fair price
  • Easy installation

What we don’t like? 

  • Lack of Additional Features, such as an anti-drain valve


A wide variety of Kawasaki motorcycles can use these filters because of their standard dimensions of 3″ outer diameter and 2-5/16″ height. HIFROM places a premium on happy customers; thus, they provide expert technical assistance to answer any questions. HIFROM offers a risk-free purchasing experience by facilitating a simple return process to their USA warehouse if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

How do you change a fuel filter on a Kawasaki FR691V?

When the gasoline filter on your Kawasaki FR691V becomes clogged with grime and can no longer effectively filter oil, it’s time to switch to a new filter. If you don’t, you’ll hurt the engine’s performance and maybe even wreck it. The gasoline filter on your Kawasaki FR691V may be changed with the instructions below.

1. Preparations and tools

For your protection, please use safety equipment such as goggles and gloves. In addition, you shouldn’t attempt this when the engine is running.

A new fuel filter, pliers, or fuel line disconnect tools and a container to capture petrol will be needed for this procedure.

2. Locate the Fuel Filter

Typically, you’ll find the gasoline filter between the fuel tank and the engine in the fuel line. It may be placed in a convenient spot or hidden away within the gasoline filter housing. You may also look it up in your engine’s handbook.

3. Depressurize the Fuel System

You need to turn off the fuel system as instructed. To disable the fuel pump, locate the fuse or connection for the fuel pump on your Kawasaki and pull it out. In doing so, pressure is released from the fuel system.

4. Disconnect the Fuel Lines

Carefully separate the fuel lines from the fuel filter using pliers or fuel line disconnect tools. If gasoline leaks from the lines, you may collect it by putting a container below them.

5. Remove the Old Fuel Filter

Remove the old fuel filter from its bracket by unscrewing or unclipping it. Ensure the new filter is installed in the right spot and with the right orientation.

6. Prepare the New Fuel Filter

Make sure the new filter is compatible with your Kawasaki and has the same parameters as the old one before installing it. Also, make sure they fit by comparing them side by side.

7. Install the New Fuel Filter

Securely mount the new fuel filter into the bracket, aligning it correctly. Follow the same orientation as the old filter. Ensure it is firmly in place.

8. Reconnect the Fuel Lines

Align the new fuel filter properly and attach it securely to the bracket. Keep the same directionality as the previous filter. Check that it is securely fastened.

9. Restore Fuel System Pressure

To fix the loss of fuel pressure, you can either replace the fuel pump fuse or plug the fuel pump back into its original location.

10. Check for Leaks

Turn on the engine and look for leaks around the fuel filter connectors. Check for any gasoline sprays or drops and clean them up.

11. Test Engine Operation

Start the engine and see how it does for a few minutes. Verify that there are no leaks or other problems with the gasoline delivery system.

What happens if the fuel filter is blocked?

Blockage of a fuel filter can happen when pollutants, dirt, rust, or sediment settle into the bottom of the fuel tank. However, a clogged engine may require expensive repairs. The problems are as follows.

  • If the gasoline filter is clogged, less gas may get to the engine. As a result, the fuel pressure drops.
  • The engine’s efficiency will drop. The fuel economy and emissions are both affected by a clogged fuel filter.
  • The engine is difficult to start. It’s also possible that your engine may stall or misfire.
  • A clogged fuel filter puts the fuel pump under extra stress as it works harder to overcome the limitation, which might cause the pump to fail early.

What causes a dirty fuel filter?

A filthy fuel filter can be the result of several different issues. Let’s find out what’s really to blame.

  • Contaminated fuel: It’s a common way for contaminants like dirt, rust, silt, and water to make their way into the petrol tank and contaminate the gasoline supply.
  • Poor fuel quality: Filtering polluted or low-quality fuel from the fuel system may quickly clog it.
  • Corroded fuel tank: Corrosion from the tank will eventually combine with the gasoline and block the filter.
  • Fuel line damages: Cracks in the fuel line allow debris to enter the fuel system, clogging the fuel filter.
  • Neglected Maintenance: If you don’t change your gasoline filter regularly, impurities may build up, making it difficult to see through.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Oil Filter for Kawasaki FR691V 

Oil filters for the Kawasaki FR691V are often purchased directly from Kawasaki. These filters were developed with engine efficiency in mind. Part numbers like 49065-7007 and 49065-7002 are often used to identify these filters.

Moreover, filtration efficiency, size, fitting, compatibility, and other variables should all be considered when deciding on an oil filter. Let’s have a firm grasp on these fundamental aspects.

Filtration Efficiency

Before purchasing a filter, be sure it will work with your vehicle’s engine. Particles and other contaminants in the engine oil must be efficiently trapped and removed by the filter.

In addition, you need to assess the filter’s capability to prevent the recirculation of particles that might harm the engine.

Quality and construction

Select a filter with an anti-drain back valve and a thick structure filter media made of a high-quality material (synthetic or micro glass).

Also, ensure the filter has a solid bypass valve to keep your Kawasaki engine safe in case of a blockage. And maintain constant oil pressure for the engine’s most important parts.


Check the manufacturer’s chart to see whether your device is compatible with it. And use those ratings to assess the filter’s capabilities. The best one for your FR691V engine may be found in this way.

Kawasaki oil filters are the best option since they are designed for Kawasaki models.

Size and Fitment

Because of the wide variety of Kawasaki motorcycles and their varying sizes and adaptation needs, size is the most crucial consideration.

The FR691V engine has certain criteria for your chosen filter, including thread size, gasket diameter, and overall dimensions.

Service Interval

Filters vary in how often they need to be replaced, so choosing one that works with your maintenance plan and consumption habits is crucial. This offers maximum engine protection and performance without sacrificing the necessary maintenance standards.


The single most important aspect of your options to investigate. Which filter is ideal for your Kawasaki FR691V will mostly be determined by how much money you’re willing to spend. You need to decide how much money you will pay to purchase the most dependable filter suitable for your engine.

Then, compare the filter’s total cost with how well it functions. This might set you up with the most promising lead. You may save money on an engine filter by considering warranty length, aftermarket availability, etc.  

Manufacturer Recommendations 

The manufacturer emphasizes the importance of meeting the engine’s specifications in the instructions. Therefore, the optimal oil filter for your Kawasaki FR691V Engine may be found by following the instructions in the handbook. 


  • Are Kawasaki oil filters interchangeable?

In most cases, oil filters from one Kawasaki engine model may be used in another. However, it is essential to check if the filter can meet your engine’s needs and fits well on the system. While some people may be physically healthy, they may not be good filters. Use a filter that meets the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep your engine running smoothly.

  • How many horses is a Kawasaki FR691V?

Kawasaki FR691V four-cycle engines typically produce between 23 and 24 horsepower. However, the precise number of horsepower an engine can produce is contingent on various variables, including its intended use, design, and any performance-enhancing components it may have. A more accurate horsepower rating may be obtained by consulting with Kawasaki or providing the necessary engine maintenance.

  • Where is the fuel filter on a Kawasaki FR691V?

If your Kawasaki FR691V engine has a fuel filter, it’s probably in the fuel line between the tank and the motor. Depending on the engine’s setup, you can find it close to the fuel pump, the carburetor, or the fuel injection system.

  • Can I clean the Kawasaki FR691V fuel filter?

It will be more cost effective to just get new ones instead of cleaning and using the old ones. It is not possible to repair the Kawasaki FR691V fuel filter. They may not provide improved filtration after being cleaned and reused. They may be easily replaced due to their low cost and broad availability.

Final Verdict 

My pick for the best oil filter for Kawasaki FR691V is the New Stens Air Filter. The superior plated air intake grade material and top-notch construction of this filter provide peak performance by improving the efficiency of the engine’s combustion.

Remember, if you use the improper oil filter for your engine, you risk insufficient filtering, less engine protection, slowed oil flow, and even engine damage. For optimum performance and engine life, using an oil filter designed for your exact vehicle and engine model is important. 

Additionally, oil filters should be checked and replaced at regular intervals to ensure peak engine performance. The maximum possible performance from your Kawasaki FR691V engine may be maintained by replacing the oil filter at regular intervals as the manufacturer recommends.

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